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    Update #184

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    Connor    78

    Update #184

    This update is a QOL based one to get some issues resolved sooner rather than later. A content update will follow next, so continue with your suggestions on Discord!

    Store Spring Sale!

    For a limited time we have introduce a Spring sale! Hopefully this will help some of those who usually can't justify the prices.



    New AFK Activity

    The large rocks in the home area can now be mined for some afk mining experience, along with a chance to obtain some extra goodies!

    The rocks are not salvageable to maintain the trees value.


    In addition to a $5 bond, the store introduces 3 brand new items!

    Lucky Rock - Provides +1% luck bonus.
    AOE Relic - Increases AOE damage by 10% which stacks with other bonus.
    Seasonal AFK Booster - Provides an additional afk material from seasonal afk activities.



    Player Owned Shop Changes

    Due to various feedback and complaints around the system being abuse, we have made the following changes..

    You can no longer see who owns the store you click on.
    You can no longer search for specific players.

    The idea around this is to limit players trading specifically between each other to manipulate the values of items. Too often we see items able to be purchased for less, but are ignored, so this is clearly some players trying to manipulate the prices.


    Client False Positive

    For some reason google was detecting a false positive within the client. Having scanned this on various sites all saying it was fine, hydrid-analysis stated that our dropbox.com link was not liked & for some reason registering as a false positive, so we have now resolved this issue by using dl.dropboxusercontent.com so the false positive should no longer occur.


    • The rate of obtaining auras from Hyogamon has been significantly increased.
    • ::pos can now be used at all donator zones.
    • Healthy DPS perk has been added to the red SDK machine.
    • Increased payout of tax bags after each Abandoned Mine Raid to up to 2,000.
    • Fixed a players mini-me pet's drop rate bonus.
    • Fixed a players mini-me pet not obtaining the right magic damage bonus.
    • Completed upgrades requested with dyes for custom sets.


    Your client should be on Update #184

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