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    Cory's Early Game Guide

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    Cory    1

    Hey guys!!! Cory here to attempt to help out all of the new people like me who get very overwhelmed with the amount of stuff to do once you get passed the first steps of MythicalPS!

    So before we get into the good stuff here is what I'm assuming you have before you start using this guide. 

    *P.S. Don't worry the stuff on this list is easy to obtain*


    *Fatboy T5 or any other AOE weapon

    *99 Prayer **Needed for SoulSplit & Turmoil**

    *Skirmisher Armour or better

    *Speed Gloves


    With that out of the way we can move on to monstahs! 

    ***That's right I said monstahs!***   .......Anyways....




    So in order to access Crex the first thing you are gonna need to do is go to ::minions you will need to kill 250 of these before you can start killing Crex.



    After you finish killing the minions you can then access ::crex It will say that you need 500 minions to kill them, but ignore that. Now that you are killing Crex your goal is to get a Crex Loot Crate drop which is 1/400, but will be pretty good armour until you can get better stuff later.

    spacer.png  spacer.png



    The Succubus 


    Remember those Crex I mentioned above? Well get read to kill 1000 of them, because that is the requirement to access The Succubus. Once you have 1000 Crex kills and 1000 Tax Bags in your inventory work your way over to the Hard Boss teleports and choose The Succubus. The monsters have a lot more HP than the Crex does and a much harder drop to get, but it is a much more rewarding drop. You will be going for The Succubus Pouch which is a 1/1000 drop, but will be a huge upgrade on your current gear.

    Succubus.jpg.eff9f72b2d43400b003a390ccc8b5cc7.jpg  1884841028_SuccubusPouch.jpg.09f190cc5f66a6cf87d089217186cb12.jpg





    Time to talk about my favorite animal and coincidentally an animal that has a really good drop. Sitting at a whopping 2.5m HP I present to you the Penguin. The Penguin drops the Penguin Loot Crate at a 1/1000 rate, but inside those crates you will find what is currently the fourth best armour in the game. The mighty Ice Dragon Armour. Now accessing the Penguin area is a little different than the above mentioned Monstahs. **I did it again** To get to this area you need what is called the Penguin Teleport. This teleport can be purchased from the Vote Store for 75 Votes or from other players.

    Penguin.jpg.de5ff81a0f3a8c81942bf25eff9111ba.jpg  968758576_PenguinLootCrate.jpg.f8bbcab226bfbc3511f70bd88b507d50.jpg  1491777907_IceDragon.jpg.2a7420ec8a1e115c8a252d35b441cade.jpg  1170321834_PenguinTeleport.jpg.a55db27da0c61a3fb388a7d36bab4982.jpg



    Blood Warriors


    OooOOOooooooooH Spoooookyyyyy... Not really.. So Blood Warriors are good for a couple of reasons. First they drop the Infernal Pickaxe which can be sold to the Tax Bag Seller at ::shops for a whopping 8.5k EACH!!! That's right you heard me!!! INSANITY..... Anyways other than that they also have a 1/10k chance to drop Blood Justiciar armour which is REALLY good to sell, use on the Perk Creation Lectern at ::chest as part of the Chesty Fortune perk, or keep for that 100% Drop Rate per piece if you know what I mean ;P.... To access Blood Warriors all you do is go to ::bw or ::bwm now beware going to ::bwm, because it is a multi zone and they can kill you pretty easily. 


    230853480_BloodWarrior.jpg.76e77db23a57580b7832d350bb0d7256.jpg  22684096_BloodWarriorMulti.jpg.d3ab569d56cdca1984f8b27709e333ed.jpg  2071357780_InfernalPick.jpg.4d27e44dbe7b52ac1dc88c39c4cda378.jpg  554364480_BloodJusticiar.jpg.a4d5a8b96cefcbbe55b1e7db126c924f.jpg





    You might have guessed this would be on here somewhere! Slayer is a great way to start making some good money. Whether it's from the bosses themselves or from the Slayer store. To get started on Slayer all you need to do is go ::home and speak with the lovely Slayer Master



    Once you hit level 99 in Slayer you can start doing Boss tasks which will give you better drops, but be warned that it could give you a boss that you can't kill yet or an event boss that doesn't always spawn. After collecting a ton of Slayer Points you can use them at the Slayer Point Store by talking to the Slayer Master again. There are tons of things worth getting in here, but one that stands out the most is the $5 Bond. You can use it to either increase your Donator Status or sell for some quick bags $$$$$$$$

    257977249_Screenshot2021-08-10113534.jpg.666e739b16fc966078e3560438c1b1d9.jpg  1988477850_Screenshot2021-08-10113552.jpg.65686a434f21fdb086bc2c9d97b5b7c2.jpg


    During Slayer tasks you also have a chance to get Slayer Loot Chests & Bravek's Casket which also have some pretty good drops in them!

    1786857052_Screenshot2021-08-10163453.jpg.a0300e551624f3bebfaec1bc69b14ff6.jpg  1805480175_Screenshot2021-08-10162552.jpg.70d6bc4011d7b1d2fbd23ab2667279a4.jpg




    Trivia is also a great way to get good at not only MythicalPS and RS information, but real world info as well. It also comes with a great surprise once you hit 500 Trivia Points. You can purchase a Candy Cane that sells for 425k Bags to the Bag Trader!!! In order to get started with Trivia all you have to do is wait for a question to pop up and then be the first or 2nd **NOTE 2nd person sometimes has to answer twice** to answer the question with

    ::answer *Answer Here*  Once you have saved up enough points you just go to ::shops and trade with the Trivia Point Shop to get that sweet Candy Cane!

    545992834_Screenshot2021-08-10113914.jpg.31aed0a0523f094da6139746f37f2a8c.jpg  205456062_Screenshot2021-08-10113740.jpg.ec7275bfb5afd1a777e2bf11e770f58b.jpg  1502789938_Screenshot2021-08-10113825.jpg.4268de53a537d629617e7f9cb071b31d.jpg





    To wrap this up lets talk about Raids. So in MythicalPS there are currently 3 Raids you can do. to access each one you go ::raid1 **Lava** ::raid2 **S.W.A.T.** or ::raid3 **Kingdom Hearts** Currently you get the most points from ::raid3 so that is the one I'll be showing you. 


    Once in the raid you will be tasked with killing 4 different monstahs **last time I swear?** 

    1.jpg.bc054b7913454e38b1acd6819bf62355.jpg  2.jpg.6a2883b7ed5ea8c7621e8e7735c014e4.jpg  3.jpg.d268dfb03ca8c91d737cf6a081be74a2.jpg  4.jpg.7c412ef3b39773ffc690c4bf93cd825e.jpg


    Killing these 4 monstahs ** ;P** gives you 4 different keys that you need to open the chest for each raid. **NOTE: You must use the keys before you can obtain more keys and points** The chests can be located at ::chest

    keys.jpg.0309c5c7a5f92c8e905e83b3860f3e6d.jpg  chests.jpg.7ec4442843c4587282988f4b1831e052.jpg  


    After opening the chest you will gain Raid Points which can be saved up and spent at ::egg Just a quick heads up the first thing you are going to want to buy out of here are the Raid Master Armour pieces, because they give a stackable 50% increase to damage done in Raids. Plus they are pretty good outside of the Raids as well!

    Raidmaster.jpg.50e562d79516c91454b7d2e1223b8589.jpg  spacer.png





    Well guys that is going to do it for this guide! I really hope it helps some of you out, because I know I really needed something like this when I first started. Another thing though! Do not be afraid to ask for help! The MythicalPS community is great and will always help you out if you just ask 😉 GL HF - Cory


    Raid store.jpg

    Screenshot 2021-08-10 162602.jpg

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