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    1. Price Guide Meele weapons Hellfire shadow sword 100k-200k Infernal Scythe 100-200k Hellfire sword 50k Lit sword 20k-30k Mythical longsword 20-30k Crex scythe 10k-15k ea Shark tooth sword - 5-8k Dragon bone scimitar - 3-5k Defender sword – 20k-30k Talis sword - 1k Abyssal dagger - 500-1k Vader Saber - 6m Champion Hammer 1.5-2m Baton - 900k-1.2m Baton (u) 2m-3m Fatboy Tier 1 15k Fatboy Tier 7 - 4m-5m Fatboy Elite Up to seller (Minimum 25m) Fatboy Elite (Blood) (Minimum 30m) Zaros sword 600k-800k Ruckus flowers 1m-1,5m Baby toy hammer 50k-100k Scythe of vitur 150k-200k Mythical hammer 40k-80k H’ween scythe 3m-4m Raider sword (2x raid dmg) 4m-5m Easter Carrot 2m-3m Vaccine needle 2m-3m Frosty scythe 2m Flaming sword 2m Ice sword 50k Spring dagger 4m Meele gear Illuminati Armour = 1k ea Silver torva = 1k ea Defender armour pieces = 5k ea Rex armour pieces = 5k each Acid piece (from hulk)= 10k ea Oreo torva armour = 10k ea Crex armour = 15k ea Blackstone Statius helmet 40-50k / Body Or Legs - 50-60k Lime Rex armour 10k Succubus armour pieces 200k-250k Elite succubus helm 450k-500k Elite succubus body/legs 750k-850k Ice dragon armour 100k-200k per piece Easter bunny head 2m+ Stoner armour 200k-300k per piece Freddy mask(+7hp) 400k Crex cape 50k Infernal kite shield 5k infernal boots 10-20k One cape 40k-60k COVID-19 Head 2m+ Reinforced armour 500k-750k per piece Range weapons Blow your head off gun (U) - Up to seller (Minimum 25m) Blow your head off gun - Up to seller (Minimum 25m) Blow your head off gun (Virus) up to seller (Minimum 30m) Cupids bow - 2m+ Mythical Supreme bow 170-200k Insane Pew Pew 20-30k Molten kings Minigun 300k Mythical supreme crossbow 30-45k Animal bow 30k-50k Rainbow minigun 40k Darth maul bow 25k-30k Dragon minigun 10k Lightning Crossbow 100k-150k Eggsterminator 1m Stoner gun 500k-1m Mental cases zapper 2m-3m Covid axe 3m Water gun 2m+ Rocket launcher 3m-4m Armadyl machine 50k Twisted bow 30k-50k Slimboy T1 15k Slimboy T2 30k Slimboy T3 60k-80k Slimboy T4 90k-110k Slimboy T5 150k Slimboy T6 400k Slimboy T7 3m+ Icy tuned bow 30k-50k Fireworks 2m+ Range gear Molten king's armour pieces 200k-250k ea Darth Maul armour pieces 10k Ancient Sirenic armour pieces 40k ea Skyrocket torva armour pieces 5-10k ea Crimson pernix 2k-5k ea American elite pernix 1k ea American pernix 250-500 ea Fuming armour pieces 50k-75k ea Raging boots 200k Dark lord Cape 100k Seatroll hat 50k-75k Acid justiciar armour 150-250k (supply and demand) Sharpshooting easter bunny head 2m+ Raging ranger armour 2,5m-3m per piece Magic weapons Hellfire Battlestaff 50k Xmas pudding wand 1m-2m Dragon lava staff 60k Frozen staff 40k Deathblue Staff 10k Ancient Trident - 15-20k Infernal battlestaff 25k Staff of Infernal 5-8k Bomb ting 2-3k Lightning Staff 200k Lamp Post Staff 2k Pokemon gauntlet 2m-2.5m Mythical gauntlet 25m Minimum Bunch of roses 2m+ Upgraded xmas pudding wand 3m-5m Mutated protector wand 3m+ Frosty staff (from snowman boss) 200k Magical roses 2m+ Mystic boy T1 10k-20k Mystic boy T2 20k Mystic boy T3 25k Mystic boy T4 30k Mystic boy T5 100k Mystic boy T6 400k Mystic boy T7 6m+ Mystic boy (Elite) 40m+ Magic gear DarkBlue Magic armour 4k ea Ancient purplefire armour 50k ea Frozen Magic armourt 30k-40k ea Dragon-age Magic armour 40k-50k ea Infernal Virtus bottoms 2m+ Infernal virtus hat/body 500k Sorab head 300k Sorab body 300k Sorab legs 300k Sorab boots 300k Magical bunny head 2m+ Golden virtus 50k Ea Toxic demon armour 75k per piece Goku's head 175-200k Magical bunny head 2m+ Hybrid/Tribrid gear Monster boots 500k-600k Monster gloves 500k-600k Supreme gloves 2,5m Supreme gloves (HP) 3m Supreme boots 2,5m Supreme boots (HP) 2,75m Vader helmet 200k-250k Vader body 200k-250k Vader legs 200k-250k Vader cloak 600k Vader gloves 300k-400k Vader boots 300k-400k Champion hood 400k-500k Champion body 500k-600k Champion legs 500k-600k Champion hood (U) 1m-1.2m Champion body (U) 1.2m-1.4m Champion legs (U) 1.2-1.4m Reborn helmet 1,5m Reborn body 2m Reborn Legs 2,5m Speed gloves 30k-60k Diaper 50k-100k Slayer master armour 60k-80k Ea Horseman boots/gloves 2,5m ea Horseman armour 1m-1,5m ea Megazord helmet 2m+ Megazord body 2m+ Megazord legs 2m+ Toxic ring 1m Toxic ring (u) 2m-2,5m Mythical cloak T1 300k-500k Mythical cloak T2 300k-500k Mythical cloak T3 350k-550k Mythical cloak T4 400k-600k Mythical cloak T5 1m-1,2m Mythical cloak T6 3m Mythical cloak T7 25m+ Stoner chain 700k+ Bad santa armour 2m+ per piece Bad santa cloak 2m-3m Connor's bling (U) 300k Summer necklace 2m+ Aussie cape 2,5m+ Collector ring 1m Connor's Bling 10-15k Dragon bone cape- 2m+ Owner cape - Up to seller (Minimum 25m) Owner cape (U) - Up to seller (Minimum 25m) Owner Cape (Elite)- Up to seller (Minimum 25m) P2W ring – 15m+ (Up to seller) P2W ring (U) - 16m+ (Up to seller) P2W ring (UI) - 17m+ (Up to seller) Goku hands 100k-150k Valentine's Hat 500-700k 50% d/r increasing boots 20-30k Collectors necklace (i) 25k-30k Abyssal armour - 5-7k Duck gang boots 2m-3m Poison ivy amulet 2m-2,5m Quarantine ring (also used for p2w ring upgrade) 2,5m-3m+ Lovers booties 2m+ Heart locket 2m-2,5m Icy amulet 3m-4,5m Mutant boots 5m+ (Up to seller) Amulet of mutation 3m+ (Roughly 1m per part) Guardian cloack T1 200k Guardian cloack T2 250k Guardian cloack T3 350k Guardian cloack T4 500k Guardian cloack T5 1,5m-2,5m (This is due to stoner capes being scarce) Royal sigil 5m+ Mythical chain 5m+ Quarantine ring (u) 5m+ Infected hands 4m-5m No stats/dr items Blood Justiciar body/legs 500k-600k ea Blood Justiciar helm 200k Ring of Devotion (i) 75k-100k Ring of devotion 30k-50k Paper sack 30-50k Karamja gloves 20-30k Collectors necklace 15-20k Jester Scarf d/r 2m Jester hat 2m Aku Aku mask 100k Leprechaun hat 300k 10% dr scroll (this scroll is permanent and will stay in your inventory)1.5m-2m Bunny ears 650-750k July partyhat 1m Drop rate fragments (0.05) 1.5-2k each Doctors gown (+15hp) 100k Doctors hat 100k Flaming phat 2m+ Discounted wings 2m Autumn scarf 2m+ Apple sauce 2m+ Lucky rabits foot 2m+ Fortunate h'ween mask 2m Elite slayer ring 3m-4m Off hands Off-hand recycled maul 40-60k Off-hand robotic sceptre 30-50k Off-hand salvaged dart 30-50k May'o book 425k (To tax bag shop) 600k (to players) Dragonfire Ward 425k (To tax bag shop), 600k (to players) Avernic Defender 425k (To tax bag shop) 600k (to players) Off hand fishing rod 3m+ (up to seller) Offhand umbrella 2m-3m Stoner shield 200k-300k Ice defender 250k-350k Heart orb 2m+ Demonic Teddy Bear 1-1.5m Anti vax shield 3m+ Off hand ice cream 2m+ Off hand hellfire shadow sword 1,5m-2m Mutated protector orb 5m Smugglers off hand staff 4m-5m+ (Up to seller) Smugglers off hand bow 4m-5m+ (Up to seller) Smugglers off hand blade 4m-5m+ (Up to seller) Pets Goku pet - 750k-1m Goku pet elite - 1,5m S.W.A.T PET - 45k-55k SORAB PET - 65k-75k CHAOS ELEMENTAL PET - 75-100K OLM/ CUSTOMGAME PET - 100-150K ELITE LEPRECHUAN PET - 2M PET MYTHICAL BUNNY - 10-20k Slayer pet 150k-200k Mini beast pet 30k-50k Leprechuan pet 2m+ Lil lamb token 2m+ Dracula pet 2m-3m Mini reaper pet 2,5m-3m Psycho box pet 2,5m Easter bunny pet 2m+ Tortoise pet token 2m-2,5m+ Headless horsebaby pet 2m+ Solak pet token 4m-5m Thanos pet 300k-500k Auras 9% dr aura (seatroll) 300k-400k 7% d/r Aura 130k-150k 7% d/r Aura (from seasonal machine) 2m 6% dr aura 70k-75k 2% dr aura 25k Half prayer reduction aura 25-35k 50% bonus xp aura 8-15k Extra hit chance aura 25-35k +10% Melee damage Aura 50-70k +10% Magic damage Aura 50-70k +10% Ranged damage Aura 50-70k 50% bonus xp Aura - 10-20k Double Chest Loot Aura 5m (up to seller) Double coinstack aura. 5m (up to seller Raider Aura 700k Double or nothing aura 3m-4m 2X raid point aura 4m+ Extension aura (2x time for overloads and overkills) 2m Aura of the gods 750k-1m Skiller madness aura 2m+ Diseased aura 2,5m-3m Heat healing aura (50/500hp) 2m-3m Supreme healer aura (100/1000hp) 5m+ (up to seller) Supreme berserker aura 5m+ Mistletoe aura 2,5m-3m+ Naughty aura 2m-2,5m Festive aura 2m+ Fierce tiger aura 2,5m-3,5m Supreme projectile aura 5m+ Perks Auto cannon reload perk 5m+ Hp perk (from nurses) 500k Unlimited prayer upgrade scroll extension (makes prayer scroll last 30minutes) 3m+ 2x Event boss damage perk 5m+ (up to seller) Spokie perk 2,5m-3,5m Spider web perk 2m-2,5m Gauntlet splitter perk 6m+ (Supply and demand) Maxed meele/range/mage perk 3,5m minimum, Can be 5m+ Infinite Overload Stability perk 2m Infinite overkill stability perk 3m+ Virus codex 1,5m-2m Sharp shooter perk 2m+ Santas gift perk 4m-5m Dwarf cannon damage increase perk 2m Merchant perk 5m Nice list perk 2m+ Scrooge perk 2m-2,5m Smugglers perk 3m-4m (up to seller) 4% Dr booster perk from smuggler 2m-3m (Up to seller) Spring cleaner perk 3m+ Consumables/Misc Double drop scroll 20 minutes 5-10k Scroll of Praise 2 hours 1k-3k Energy stone 100k infinite overload potion 150k Unlimited prayer scroll 2m Unlimited prayer Badge 150k Infinite overkill potion 2,5m-3m Dark lord tokens 8-10k Irish Coin – 500k-1m Portable Recycler 250-350k Irish keg 250-350k Penguin teleport 200k Cosmetic override kit 100k Firework potion 2m-3m Toolbag (25% extra rc) 100k Slayer task resets 5k-10k Candy cane 425k (to tax bag shop Rainbow skateboard 8k-10k ea (5% chance to upgrade into 10$ bond) Seasonal event boss titles 500k-700k (Depends on rareness) Unlimited cosmetic override kit – 2m+ Energy drink (Doesn’t work with p2w weapons) 2m+ Vial of blood 4m-5m (Can be used for Fatboy elite upgrade) Infernal pickaxe 5k Light agression totem 4m+ Agression totem 20m+ Box of chocolates 2m+ New years eve beer 2m-2,5m Keg of irish beer 2m+ Pocket pouch 2m+ Aura pouch 4m-5m+ Grinch sled 5m+ Connors fantasy santa hat 2m-3m+ Santas sharing present 3m+ Upgrader totem 2,5m-3m Mrs claus perfume 2m Agression totem (u) 25m-30m Omicron title 3m-4m Mythical cannon ball 2,5m-3,5m Spring gloves 5m+ Lucker title 3m+ Lucky quiver 3m Cupids quiver 5m+ Poisonous stew 3m Upgrade items Rose gloves 40k-60k Ringmaster boots 40k-60k Double drop ring 300k-600k Vader Element 1m Solak shard 1,5m-2m Death shard 600k Rage crystal 400k Mythical cloak T7 upgrader 500k Inactive pokemon gauntlet 200k-300k Ring of love 300k-600k Doctors gown (inactive) 50k-100k Transmutation orbs 750k+ ea World Totem #1 50k-200k bags (Supply and demand) World Totem #2 200k-300k (Supply and demand) World Totem #3 700k-800k (Supply and demand) Inifnity totem 2m Pokemon t7 upgrade stones 200k-300k ea Pocket pouch upgrade (spring box) 3m Keys,Boxes,Bonds Insanely OP Keys 9k-10k ea Seasonal key part 1 400k+ (Supply and demand) Seasonal key part 2 400k+ (Supply and demand) Seasonal key part 3 200k-300k+ (Supply and demand) Vote keys 1k-3k ea) Mystery box 10-20 Supreme mystery box 900-1,2k Infernal mystery box - 500-1k Pet Mystery box - 5-10k Tax bag box - 500-1k Store Mystery Box 100-200k Bonds 5k-10k per 1$ (prices can differ) Donations under 300$ are 60k-100k per $, Donations over 300$ have no cap. Seasonal donation key 4m+