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    1. Hello everyone - perks are sorted in same way as in Perks interface in game. Use ctrl + F to find perk faster. Feel free to contact me in game to add missing ones :) Tier 1 Magic & Ranged Turmoil - Upgrade turmoil prayer by giving range and mage 15% damage boost. Collectors perk - Pick items for you.( can be used instead of Collectors necklace). Full of Health Perk - Adds a permanent boost of 5/50 Hit points. 3% Droprate Booster - 3% chance extra drop table roll. Life saver - 10% chance to heal to full, instead of dying. Poison Immunity - Complete immune to poison. Merchant perk - Gain 10% more bulging tax bags upon selling items. the Mutated - grants +5% damage against all mutated mobs Agile - grants 2x Agility Tickets when earned Smuggler - +1 smugglers crate daily Tier 2 Clue Scroll perk - Automatically solves your clue scroll. Infinite Prayer Scroll Perk - Extends the duration to 30 minutes. Raider Perk - Entry to raids are free. Double Xp Perk - All experience gained is doubled. Psycho Perk - Random chance to hit 10k/100k. Overload Perk - Overloaded provides 10 additional stats. Boss King perk - Boss points are doubled. Dwarf Cannon Increase perk - Increased dwarf cannon damage by 400%. Overload stability - Makes Infinite overload stay at 125 stats. Overkill stability - Makes Overkill potion stay at 125 stats. Split Soul Perk - soul split prayer also damage the target Santa's Gift Perk - Randomly obtain loot boxes, tax bags and red keys from Santa, whilst pvming. King Slayer - 50% extra slayer points per task. Stacks with other boosts Molten Cough - Randomly cough lava on your target causing them damage. Daily Dose - Obtain an Insanely OP key everyday. Raging Perk - Have chance to 4x hit the target. Sharpshooter Perk - Chance to fire extra 100% damage shots whilst using Ranged A Pile of Shit perk - Random chance to poison your target 10,000 damage by throwing baby poo at them. Frostbite Perk - Frostbite effect is now permanently applied to all combat, regardless of your armor. Demon Health Perk - Additional 15/150 Hitpoints. Hellfire Damage Perk - Increases melee max hit by 10%. Chesty Fortune Perk - Increases chest rare loot by 10%. Champion Power Perk - Increases melee damage against ITSYABOI comp boss by 50%. XP'd Perk - Increases experience gained by 20%. Fee Earner Perk - Reduces teleport fee's by 25% Spider Web - Reduces your targets defense. Spooky - Increases your attacking pet's damage by 20%. Nice list - Captain Rovin gives you 25% more XP. Tier 3 Covid Virus Perk - causes the Molten Cough perk damage to be doubled. Gauntlet Splitter - All gauntlet weapons will become 1 handed weapons. (can't be used with Ice defender). x2 Event Boss Damage - Double dmg against event bosses. Maxed Mage perk - Increases your mage maximum hit by 10%. Maxed Ranged Perk -Increases your range maximum hit by 10%. Maxed Melee Perk - Increases your melee maximum hit by 10%. Scrooge - 3% chance when selling items, that the item will not be consumed, but you will still be paid for it. EXTRA Automatic Cannon Reload Perk - Automatically reloads your dwarf cannon. Cannon capacity perk - Makes cannon capacity of canon balls to 300 instead of 30.