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    1. Name: Brad Age: 27 In-game Username: Hero Pecker In-game Play time: 246h Do you use our discord server (Yes/No): Yes Timezone: EST Your average time you play daily (example 1-2h): 1-3 on weekdays, up to 8+ on certain weekends (work based) Previous staff experiences if any?: Was moderator on a server when I first got into RSPS' many years ago. Why you think you fit the staff position (basically a goal as to why)?: Feel as if I could be helpful to the community and wish to see the server thrive and grow. If you have any weaknesses that could prevent you from getting this staff position?: Sometimes work schedule gets very hectic and could limit my ability to be online during the week and sometimes weekends. Also have a baby on the way so my focus would have to be my family rather than the game at crucial times. I would continue to do what I can while away from the PC (Ex; Discord Help, Forums from mobile) I would continue to keep everyone informed on my availability and/or return time should I be placed in a position where playtime would be limited.