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    Update #46

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    Connor    55

    Update #46


    Mental Case's Zapper:


    Mental case boss can now drop this weapon. It's drop chance is 1/10k and not affected by drop rate bonuses.

    Attack speed is the 2nd fastest in-game behind Blow Your Head Off (u).

    It uses hand cannon shots for ammo & hits 3 times per attack which is 1 less than Blow Your Head Off (u).






    • Added an additional floor of Mental Case spawns.
    • Mental case's drops will now announce.
    • Mental case's teleport fee has been increased to 2,500 tax bags.
    • 1/10k drops will now be announced on discord.
    • BYHO (u) creation requirements have been changed.
    • $5 bonds can now be purchased from the drug dealer at the Drugs Lab.
    • Unlimited prayer badge can now be purchased from the drug dealer at the Drugs Lab.
    • Bagged illegal weed is now tradeable.
    • Stoner chain has been buffed.
    • Mystic robes, Seer's ring & Staff of Light can now be obtained in the Island minigame.
    • T7 Fatboy stats have been increased.
    • T7 Fatboy can now be used in the SWAT raid.
    • Champion vader gear droprate bonus has been increased by 5% per item.
    • Added ::raid3 command.
    • Unlimited prayer scroll is no longer stackable.

    Please reload your client.

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