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    Update #154

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    Connor    78

    Update #154

    Rare Sunflowers

    Spring has arrived!


    Collect the Sunflowers & exchange them for rewards, or Enchant them!

    Regular Rewards:

    Golden Sunflower (3% droprate bonus & +100 HP)
    Warm Bond ($1-5)
    Chick Pet (1% droprate bonus)
    Chicken Weapon (cosmetic)
    Chick Title
    Flower Title

    Enchanted Rewards:

    All previous rewards remain in the shop, in addition...

    Sunflower Ground Aura (A new item slot! Item provides stats & +1% Luck)
    Sunflower Amulet (+5% experience & 5% discount at Active Gains Store)




    Active Gains Points

    A new system has been added which aims to reward those who engage in the following active content;

    Skilling Tasks,
    Drugs Lab (Enchanted Materials),
    Full Barrows,
    Daily Money Makers,
    World/Global Bosses,
    Elite Bosses.

    Rewards Shop:

    Store Mystery Box,
    Red Key,
    Scratch Cards,
    Super Tax Bag Boxes,
    Supreme Mystery Boxes,
    Clue Scrolls,


    • Ground Aura item slot has been added to the game.
    • Enchanted Refining material is now untradeable.
    • Barbarian Assault icons are now classed as Ground Auras.
    • Fixed staff not gaining Loyalty Points.
    • Equipment tab has been slightly changed to allow the new Ground Aura slot.
    • Valentines Event has ended.
    • Thanos's HP has been increased.
    • Thanos's damage cap has been increased.
    • Thanos's script has slightly changed to fix a bug where he is killed too soon.
    • Fixed a bug that caused research table to error when making items.
    • Adding shading to POS text to help with reading.
    • Armadyl Machine will no longer bug out when stacked with other machines.
    • Mystic & Seismic spell now only requires level 1 Magic.
    • 50% extra OP keys world buff is now 10%.
    • For some reason Slayer Temple stopped being a task only area, this has been fixed.
    • Expensive Hand Cannon Shots now have tax value.
    • Escaped Mutated Beast loot cap is now 30 by default.
    • Ousted Completionist Player loot cap is now 30 by default.
    • More Crazy Fkin OP key rewards now give tax bag value.
    • Completed custom set.

    If your client does not say Update #154 at the top, please REBOOT it.

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