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    Update #157

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    Connor    78

    Update #157

    Hyogamon Trio Elite Boss

    Introducing the latest elite boss!

    The trio's are very aggressive and each have unique combat scripts. However they have some of the juicest drop tables in-game!

    Up to 3 people can fight the trio's at a time. This will stop the economy being oversupplied and crashing the market. Don't worry though, players will be teleported out randomly after kills to give others an opportunity to join in.


    10 x Thanos Kills


    Hitpoints: 100M (per boss)
    In order to kill the boss, you must activate the lodestone. If you do this and the boss doesn't die in time, the room will be instantly killed. (We've added a new rule so that if players intentionally try to troll with this it is now a banable offence)
    1/100 chance per kill the player to be teleported out of the room (if this isn't like we will introduce a timer instead)
    AOE is disabled inside the boss room

    Rare Drops

    Digimon Bow (drops in 3 parts. Fixed is best-in-slot f2p)
    Digimon Sword (drops in 3 parts. Fixed is best-in-slot f2p)
    Digimon Staff (drops in 3 parts. Fixed is best-in-slot f2p)
    Hyogamon Baby (pet unlock - up to +75% damage against slayer targets)
    Dye Removing Cloth (damaged)
    Supreme Berserker Aura (Extremely Rare Drop)
    Supreme Reckless Aura (Extremely Rare Drop)
    Supreme Maniacal Aura (Extremely Rare Drop)

    Grand Supreme Weapons (Releasing next update)

    The research table has 3 new items to be researched!

    These will have a chance to fail the research costing the Digimon weapon.

    Grand Supreme Staff (Best-in-slot overall magic weapon. Can also be dyed)
    Grand Supreme Bow (Best-in-slot overall ranged weapon. Can also be dyed)
    Grand Supreme Sword (Best-in-slot overall melee weapon. Can also be dyed)


    • Completed custom set orders.
    • Fat Boy Elite's seem to be far too superior to other styles, so we have reduced its additional hits by 1. This may take further tweaking, but we will see how it plays out.
    • Various background work has been done.

    Your client should be on Update #157

    Smaller than I wanted, but most of you understand my situation right now. 

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