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    Update #158

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    Connor    78

    Update #158 (fixes)


    • Aura drops from Hyogamon Chests have been nerfed.
    • Hyogamon Minions can now be killed by any player.
    • Hyogamon Minions are now half as likely to be spawned.
    • Hyogamon Minions no longer have a 100% chance to knock prayer off, it is now 20%.
    • Entering & Leaving the wilderness will no longer change your equipment tab to the cosmetic equipment.
    • You can no longer spawn pets inside Hyogamon area.
    • Fixed a bug meaning creating the Digimon Sword made the Digimon Staff.
    • Removed options on the rift objects in Hyogamon area to avoid misclicks.
    • Removed attack option from Hyogamon pet.
    • Hyogamon Loot Chest now announces as a rare drop.
    • Infinity Hat no longer hides your face.
    • Fixed being able to remove boots from cosmetic override rides.
    • Daily lamp/effigy cap has been increased to 100.
    • Completed custom set/title orders.

    Your client should be on Update #158

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