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    Update #159

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    Connor    78

    Update #159

    Digimon Superior Weapons

    They are here!

    These weapons are the STRONGEST in-game with increased AOE damage too!

    Create them at the research table, although they're very expensive.






    Mythical Shard

    You can now buy a Mythical Shard from the store which allows you to fuse all 3 Supreme Combat Auras & an Inactive Aura together, this will also give +60% damage whilst using the Supreme Tribrid Aura.




    Battle Pass (Season 2)

    It's here! This ones pretty hot and packed with goodies for both f2p and premium pass users to obtain!

    This pass will run for 3 months until 27th August.



    • Fixed the Saguine Ornament Kit.
    • Seasonal Donation Key has been made slightly rarer from Irish Coin.
    • Seasonal Donation Key Parts have been made slightly rarer to obtain, except from Supreme Mystery Boxes.
    • Worked on some backend issues causing disconnects.
    • Prestiging now only reduces the experience by 13,034,431, instead of resetting you to level 1.
    • Max Xp Lamp added to aid users xp restore, however it is not obtainable in-game.

    Your client should be on Update #159

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