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    Update #163

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    Connor    78

    Update #163

    Dread Queen

    Delve into it's dungeon where you will find 4 different tiers. Obtain various untradeable drops from them wich are used to create new powerful perks!


    250 Cave Guardian (T4) kills


    All perks below are made at the research table with untradeable parts dropped by the Queen's.

    Dread - Lowers your targets defence by 25% (always procs)
    Slayer God - Ability to reset slayer tasks without losing streak or need for a ticket
    Elite Turmoil - Doubles the output of turmoil
    Lucky Red Keys - 25% chance to double loot from all Red Key types


    P2W Amulet

    A very powerful Amulet that can be upgraded to (i) by combining it with the Monies Amulet (i) which gives it +25K stats & all Monies Amulet (i) effects!

    Check it out on ::store now! (On release sale discount for limited time)


    +5% Luck
    +5% Drop Rate
    +25% Experience
    +250 HP


    • Irish Coins now once again can reward you with Seasonal Donation Keys.
    • Guild Champion no longer requires completionist status to fight.
    • Disabled the door at Guild Champion.
    • Moved the teleport location at Guild Champion.
    • Raids bonus is now also on Fridays.
    • Shadow Amulet now goes into the correct slot.
    • Support can now spawn the Giant Ent for events.
    • Giant Ent should now take priority over other models below it.

    Your client should be on Update #162

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