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    Update #164

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    Connor    78

    Update #164

    Mythic Rank

    The new donation rank which requires $20,000, of course this is also accumulated by bonds and realistically aren't expected to dump 20k USD to get this rank, so it's achievable for everyone.


    New chat icon,
    2% permanent luck bonus,
    10% extra battlepass experience gain,
    10% permanent drop rate bonus,
    50% extra experience,
    All platinum zone benefits are doubled.

    Don't panic! There is a zone in the works, but to accompany it, other updates are needed first!




    • Seasonal Donation key now correctly rewards from the Irish Coin.
    • Seasonal Donation Key credit cost reduced to 5.
    • Improved some client optimisation. 
    • Updated custom set requests.

    Your client should be on Update #163

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