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    Update #165

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    Connor    78

    Update #165

    Battle Pass Season 3

    The latest season of Battle Pass is here!

    Purchase the premium pass from the store to collect both F2P & Premium rewards!

    Premium pass can be purchased at any point, rewards will still be given.




    • Egg of Loots can now be put inside the Pocket Pouch.
    • Added ::dreadqueen for quick teleport to Dread Queens.
    • Added ::dq for quick teleport to Dread Queens.
    • Psycho Mystery Box now rewards all involved players with kills towards their NPC TASK.
    • Mystic Boy now adds to the collection log correctly.
    • Increased One Cape recycle value to 1,000.
    • Mutated Bloodvelds within the Mutated Raid can now drop Crevice Passes.
    • P2W Amulet model has been updated.

    Your client should be on Update #165

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