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    Update #167

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    Connor    78

    Update #167

    Headless Horseman

    The H'ween boss event is here with more generous drop rates this year!

    Take him down whilst he's here for a short period and get hold of the new exclusive Blood Dye!

    This year the Horseman has replaced his prayer downing special with a special that heals him, but the more players in the room, the more he heals!

    Possible Rare Drops

    Blood Dye (gives items it's put on additional HP)
    Decapitating Scimitar,
    Headless Horsebaby (pet),
    Horseman outift,
    SplitSoul Perk (extra 10% damage whilst using SS),
    Mutated H'ween Mask (+100HP),
    Regular H'ween Masks,
    Pumpkin Bulwark (25% chance to save life on death),
    Jack Lantern Mask,
    Grim Reaper Hood,
    Taxbag Boxes.





    Pumpkin Picking!

    Along with the home reskin, you can now click some of the pumpkins to start harvesting them for exclusive access to a new shop where you trade them!



    Lottery System

    You've asked for ages and finally it's here!

    You will find the Lottery Director in the home area who will give you all the information you need!

    A ticket costs 25,000 Tax Bags with no limit on how many you can buy so we can have mega huge pots!

    The draw is every Friday at 19:00 and a 10% tax is taken from the pot. So for every ticket 2,500 bags are taken out of the pot.




    • Home area has been reskinned for H'ween!
    • Vial of Blood has been renamed to Vial of Health.
    • FBE with vial of Blood attached is now called Fat Boy (elite - health).
    • Death Gem variants have been given a stat buff.
    • Death Gem's now work correctly in the Empowered Quiver.
    • Reapers Key will now calculate the bonus correctly resulting in more Luck %.
    • Enchanted Sunflowers have changed to Enchanted Pumpkins.
    • Battle Pass casino task has been reduced to win 15,000.
    • Mutated Dungeon Raid no longer has a teleport animation.
    • Prestige no longer causes glitched stats.
    • Corrected the cmd for SSJ Goku spawn.
    • Mutated Fungus chance of giving the teleport orb is now 50% more likely.
    • Slayer Experience for Medium tasks has been greatly increased.
    • Slayer Experience for a select few Hard tasks has been increased.
    • Rare Boss Spawner price has been reduced to 7,500 Black Market Dollars.

    Your client should be on Update #167

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