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    Update #168

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    Connor    78

    Update #168

    Abandoned Mine Raid

    Raise your pickaxes and explore this brand new raid containing 3 bosses! 

    The raid has two modes, regular and hard mode. 



    Aimed to be the easiest raid in-game for very fresh noobs to get some raids done, so no requirements to enter!

    Non of the bosses have any special attacks in this mode.

    Hard Mode:

    All monsters have much more HP, new special attacks, increased attack speed & damage with healing passives.

    Hard Mode not only has an exclusive rare reward, but it also pulls a common reward from a unique loot pool that regular does not have access to.

    Requirements: 50 Stronghold Raids Completed

    Boss 1: 

    Special: Spawns a bunch of minion golems which heal to 15,000 every time they attack. Whilst minions are alive, the Ancient Golem cannot be damaged.

    Boss 2:

    Special: Every shot the boss fires after he drops below 3M HP will explode outwards to 2 tiles. Stay away from other players or suffer an instant death!

    Boss 3:

    Special: Has a shield that reduces incoming damage to 0. A single player must keep engaging with the shield rock to allow other players to damage. If you stop engaging with the shield rock then the damage will go back to 0 and the boss will heal to full! Bring some food because that shield rock deals damage too! Careful of the falling rocks!


    Raiders Sword can be used inside the Hard mode raid, however you must have the Mythical Pickaxe in your inventory.           It will do double the damage of the pickaxe.




    Black Friday Sales!

    Black Friday Sales are now live! Enjoy them for a short period to get ahead with a great saving on ::Store!



    • Added collection log for Abandoned Mine Raids.
    • Lottery should no longer draw twice if a player isn't online when the original draw occurs.
    • Lottery should now announce the winner even if they aren't online.
    • You can now buy 10x Lottery entries at a time.
    • Drugs Lab has been fixed and pumpkins can now be used within it.
    • Fixed Battle Pass seasonal boss task.
    • You can no longer spawn pets at ::sb.
    • Completed custom set orders.
    • H'ween masks have been given Tax bag values to sell to the store.

    Your client should be on Update #168

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