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    Update #50

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    Connor    65

    Update #50


    Skilling Expansion/Village:

    Following discussions with players & staff, we have added an entire new skilling village! Inside this village you will find normal resources, but also new resources! These new resources can be used to make new & powerful consumables! Deposit boxes can be found around the village, these are for Extreme donators+.

    Donator zone xp buffs, will carry over to this zone!

    You can now obtain the Max Xp Cape for maxing out all skills. This cape shares the same stats as the completionist cape.


    You will find a new Ancient patch at the skilling village, this is a much more click intensive way to skill, but it offers much better xp rates & of course new herbs which can be used to make new potions!



    Overkill Potion (+5 stats over Overload - Overloaded perk adds +15 stats over Overload)
    Can be created by mixing an Overload (4), Ancient Rue & Hellfire logs.

    Skillers Boost Potion (50% chance for gathering resources to be banked - 50 charges per sip, cannot be stacked)
    Can be created by mixing Vial of Water, Ancient Cumin, Bulging Tax Bag & Mythical Scraps.

    Double Yield Potion (50% chance for gathering resources to be doubled - 30 charges per sip, cannot be stacked)
    Can be created by mixing Vial of Water, Ancient Horehound, 50x Noted Rune Bars & 50 Red Chinchompas.


    Mining & Smithing:

    You will find some Mythical rocks in the mining quarry which give Mythical ore. This ore can be converted into Mythical bars which are stackable. These can either be used to make consumables or converted into new best in slot skilling equipment. 

    Mythical Pickaxe:

    Requires 250 Bars & Infernal pickaxe to create. Fastest pickaxe ingame & provides tax bags whilst skilling!

    Mythical Hatchet:

    Requires 250 Bars & Inferno Adze to create. Fastest Hatchet ingame & has the Adze effect!





    Amongst the dense forest, you will find some Hellfire trees which give Hellfire logs. These provide the best firemaking experience ingame, or can be used to make consumables.



    A packed hunting ground will provide the quickest catch rates ingame!


    Fishing & Cooking:

    The River contains all fishing spots and you can even access Rocktails which are situated perfectly next to the deposit box! Within close distance you will find a cooking hut with 4 ranges & 4 deposit boxes!


    Other skills:

    The village also has a summoning training area within only a few steps of a regular bank. It has thieving stalls, within 2 steps of the bank.


    Accessing the village:

    To access the village, you must use the skilling teleport to one of the skills at this village, i.e fishing.


    Skillers Amulet:

    You can purchase this from the skilling point store for 2,500 points, however you will need to charge it with Mythical Scraps to benefit from it's effect. Each Mythical scrap will charge it by 10. Whilst skilling with a charged amulet, it will decrease in charges, each time it decreases it has a high chance to spawn a skillers chest, below your feet. The calculations are done based on the base rate experience. It still works if you have max experience.

    Shown below is loot from 1000 Skiller chests


    This includes: 1% Drop rate scroll, Double drop enhancer, and x2 Base drops, Mythical Bars, $5 Bonds.

    Both enhancer and base drop is consumed after each kill.


    Cosmetic Overrides:

    The system is now fully coded & will enter a testing phase which will give staff access to the system. Providing all goes well, it will be released next update.


    Item Removal:

    The following items will be wiped from the game prior to the cosmetic override update due to the poll passing. I am giving you this warning, so you can recycle them, alch them or whatever, but trading them to an unsuspecting victim is now classed as scamming;

    Regular RS Partyhats, Regular RS Santa,Regular RS H'ween masks & any custom coloured cosmetic version.


    • Daily afk tokens now cap at 15,000 per day. You will still obtain other rewards whilst capped.
    • Fixed a bug causing hunter npcs to not respawn.
    • Double chest loot aura now applies to the Skillers Chest.
    • Fixed some items showing as incorrect models when stacked.
    • Maximum experience per skill has been increased to 2B.
    • Dragonkin lamps have been significantly nerfed for all skills, except combat.
    • Lamps will no longer have an experience boost with events, zones etc. 
    • Added ::lockxp command.
    • Updated some skilling teleports to now take you to the skilling village.
    • Highscores will come soon! Data is being collected.

    Please reload your client.

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