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    Update #62

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    Connor    65

    Update #62


    Frosty Partyhat:

    For limited time only! Grab this on the donation store!

    This item will be permanently discontinued after Christmas.

    125% Drop rate Bonus
    Hit points



    Master Raids Armour:

    You can now buy Master Raids armour for 10M raids points per item. These items are tradeable and outside of the raids they're in-between Crex & Succubus stats.

    However; Inside the raid it is the best possible armour that can be used because it has 50% increased damage per item, meaning a 350% damage increase when wearing the full set.

    The Raid Master Axe also have the same effects and sits nicely as a step up from the Lit sword, outside of Raids.




    Ice Dragon Defender:

    Dropped by the penguins. The Ice Dragon defender will increase the speed of magic spells by 1 tick when worn.

    The defender is obtained from the Penguin Crate, however it it's chance is rarer than the rest.




    • Fixed a bug causing ::afk to consume the daily limit before you really got to it.
    • Most locations that block dwarf cannon, will now allow it.
    • Crazy snowman spawns are no longer announced.
    • RS3 Santa Hat model has been fixed.
    • You can no longer use <img> in your titles.
    • Removed some low tier drops from announcements.
    • Amulet of Zealots will now announce as a rare drop.
    • Scroll of Fortune will now track how many bags you have obtained from it. (Click the scroll for the data)
    • Santa's gift perk will now track how many times you have been given a gift.
    • Regular caskets are now collected by the collectors necklace.
    • A whole bunch more items can now be sold to the tax bag store!

    Please reload your client.

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