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      Update #68 The Reborn King: Enter the depths of his chambers and fight your way through 4 different challenges to obtain the key for the ultimate test! Inside the Reborn Chambers you will find 4 different types of monsters that have different rewards! Entry to the chambers or the boss is 25,000 tax bags. Using the boss teleport will take you to the chambers, the only way to the Reborn King is by using the key once completed. Reborn Warrior: Located in the South West chamber. Drops: Daily Dose Codex - (1/10,000 chance to obtain. Once learnt, you will obtain a free OP key every day). Reborn King's key (part 1) Reborn Ranger: Located in the South East chamber. Drops: Poison Immunity Codex - (1/10,000 chance to obtain. Once learnt, you can no longer be poisoned). Reborn King's key (part 2) Reborn Mage: Located in the North East chamber. Drops: Life Saver Codex - (1/10,000 chance to obtain. Once learnt, you have a 10% chance to heal to full, instead of dying). Reborn King's key (part 3) Lava Giant: Located in the North West chamber. Drops: Molten Cough Codex - (1/10,000 chance to obtain. Once learnt, you will randomly cough on your target to deal extra damage). Reborn King's key (part 4) Once you have obtained all 4 keys parts, you can combine them to create the Reborn Key which grants you the teleport to The Reborn King! The Reborn King: The king is currently in his coffin. Those who have the requirements to access the coffin can open it to spawn the King. The king won't be happy you have done this and will engage you in a challenging fight, so be prepared. This is not a click and afk! Rewards; Reborn armour (With generous stats, this armour set is a great addition, however most will want to upgrade it at the research table). Elite Reborn Armour: You can upgrade your Reborn armour at the research table to make the best armour ingame, however this requires almost all endgame equipment and a total of 7.5m tax bags to create the set. The set will become untradeable, but it's worth it! The set has the following effects; 125% droprate bonus per item Helmet (Double damage against Reborn chambers monsters) Body (Doubles the damage of the Molten Cough perk) Legs (Increases Life Save perk chance to 20%) Media: Fixed a bug allowing free teleports to areas that require tax bags. Fixed King Slayer perk now showing on the perks interface correctly. Fixed a bug with King Slayer perk not working correctly. Fixed Riot Baton (u)'s drop rate. Riot Baton can now be used with cosmetic overrides. Lit bug lantern can now be used with cosmetic overrides. A bug causing max cape to get max xp cape's perks has now been fixed. Removed the "happy christmas" server announcement. Troll potion has been removed from the Fucking OP Key loot. The chance of obtaining a skillers chest has been increased. Drop rate boosters from the skillers chest will now display correctly. Fixed a bug that wasn't changing the xp type when switching attack styles. Fixed a bug causing equipment tab to overlay with cosmetic overrides after dying. Please reload your client.