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      Update #115 New Years Loot Crate: The newest limited edition store box is here! Check it out on the store now! Possible Loot; Fireworks - Very strong ranged weapon with a special attack that grants +1 AOE radius for 10 minutes. Fierce Tiger Aura - Chance to deliver a powerful attack combo damaging your target for up to 400% of your hit. Omicron Title - Whilst in use your character will deal extra damage during combat. Firework Potion - 10 minutes of mega OP stats. 1 hour cooldown. Ice Amulet - Extra damage, considered BIS amulet. Wings of Experience - +90% XP whilst worn. Mythical Cannon Ball - Increases damage by 400% (stacks with other perk). Also significantly boosts the accuracy. Infected Hands - Whilst worn your character will sacrifice 50% of it's HP and damage your target with it, providing it is above 500. 5 X Store Mystery Box, 500 x Limited Edition Key Tokens, 1,000 x Limited Edition Key Tokens. All players have been granted 20% extra drop rate until the update! Home Area is no longer covered in snow. The snow piles will melt away soon, so make use of them! POS History is now logged on a discord channel to help players see what items sell for. Xmas Loot Boxes have been removed. Seasonal Donation Key loot has been updated. You can now teleport to Psycho Boss with a pet. Supreme Maniacal Aura now works correctly. EMB rare drops are now 20% more likely to drop. Naughty Aura now activates after 75 hits. Reinforced armour drop rate has been lowered to 5% per item. Dwarf Cannons can now be used in Instances. Completionist boss instance totem can no longer be used without requirements. Armadyl Totem is no longer tradeable due to scam attempts. If you had this in your POS, it has been removed. Login pin will dialogue will no longer be removed by the Daily Rewards interface. Naughty Aura now works correctly in the Aura Pouch. Some Item Suggested Values have been updated in line with the latest player Price Guide. Please reload your client.
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      Update #114 Psycho Mystery Box Event: He's back! The crazy Psycho Box has invaded the home area and it's up to you to get rid of him! The 4K Psycho Kills guaranteed drop will return for those who have not completed it, this will NOT include the new uniques to keep it fair to older players. The rarity of drops have been made slightly more common this time. Rewards; Aura of the Gods (Damages your target for 50% of your prayer points - Unlimited scrolls/badges prevent the drain), Psycho Box Pet Tokens (unlocks BIS pet), Reinforced Armour Set, Psycho (Title), Bonds. Mistoletoe aura now grants +25% damage per person near you, up to 4 people at 100%. Vader instance now contains 2 x Vaders. An issue causing instances to stack NPC's has been fixed. 50% drop rate increasing boots have had their name & rate altered. Ringmaster boots name has been corrected. Alt accounts can no longer use Instance Totems. You can no longer obtain Instance Totems, whilst in the Instance. Mini-Me pet donations now count towards your total spent. Item Recolour donations now count towards your total spent. Reborn King instance now contains the minions. Crex Instance now has 3 Crex's inside. You can no longer setup Dwarf Cannons in the home event area. Mutant Reputation now drops more per hour. Psycho Boss no longer deactivates players prayers. Snowman Event has ended. Please reload your client.