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      Update #190

      Update #190 This update is purely focused around QOL & bug fixes at an attempt to tackle the backlog of reports on Discord. Bond Salvage Most types of bonds can now be salvaged for a new type of salvage called Bond Salvage! Pocket Pouch now gains +1 slot every 10 Prestige Levels up to level 50. Connor's Special Key drop rate has been reverted back to 1/2k. Connor's Special Key recipe has been changed. Giant Ent no longer drops SDK Free Pick to try encourage the usage of SDK Salvage & keep it as an exclusive purchase. Connor's Special Key has been added to the store credit shops. Super Duper Box has been removed from the store credit shops. Loot from the Super Duper Box has been spread between SDK machines & Connor's Special Chest. Lucky Pickaxe can now be used within Raid 6. Mythic God boss should no longer be able to attack once a player has left. Elite American Pernix can now be salvaged. Lucky Rabbit Foot value has been reduced. Support rank ::yell now has shading. Cupid's Quiver has been renamed to Cupid's Ammo. Spring Cleaner perk can now be examined on the perk's interface. Guild Champion door will now state the weapon to use regardless of what side you stand. Recycler Money Maker task no longer works with common salvage. Shaman no longer drops the Skirmish Sword. Escaped Mutated Beast slayer task now appears as the correct name. Fixed a bug not allowing P2W Amulet & Death Gem luck bonus to stack. Fixed Death Gem (inactive) stats inside the Empowered Quiver. Fixed tab to reply for users of MYTHIC rank. Thanos's hit cap has been reduced to 1M. This is due to the mechanics of it allowing too much damage to bug out the reward phase. A Challenge Scroll placeholder will no longer prevent you obtaining another. Vader chest has been completely rewritten to fix all reported issues, including the double aura not working & the reduction in rewards with cleaner. Staff now have access to a new tool designed for them to help players easier & manage their roles. Added in more log data for staff. Reorganised the salvage bag text so it's all contained within the full text space. Corrected the name of Roseblood Gloves. Corrected the name of Ringmaster Boots. Corrected the name of Dragon-age robe top. Corrected the name of Infernal Virtus Bottoms. Corrected the name of Defenders Spirit Shield. Corrected the name of Collector's Necklace(I). Corrected the name of Sleight of hand (perk). Corrected the name of Clue Scroll Reward Casket. Fixed a bug with donation store protection. Fixed an Armadyl Machine bank stack ID's. Sponsored Boots now have a drop rate bonus matching the Mutant (U) boots. The achievement "Complete 50 Slayer Tasks" now gives the correct rewards. Corrected examine on Cape of the Mines. Removed Skateboard from SB drop table. Dwaf Cannons can now be used a ::sb. Double Lover perk has been added to the perks list. Updated ::boxloots to show Connor's Special Key. The Mythic Rank's perk to double the amount of platinum zone casket agility has been fixed. Fixed Double Daily Reward tokens. Mythic rank has been added to ::benefits. Nerfed Third-age blade for it's useful in the Wilderness. Updated examine of Raids Rare Token. Fixed a bug not calculating Salvage amounts properly. Blessed Trinket & Deathly Drop Rate perk now allow for an additional 10% cap when everything is stacked. Hungry Hare now has a chance to give Common Salvage. Makeover Mage has been added to the starter area. Raging anger should now take view priority over minions. SDK machines code has been cleaned up so all have SDK salvage/tax bag values and cannot be missed in the future. Dark Protein Shake has been added to the SDK Machines. Deathly Drop Rate Perk has been added to the SDK Machines. Death Gem (inactive) has been added to the SDK Machines. Reapers Key has been added to the SDK Machines. Shadow Amulet has been added to the SDK Machines. Cupids Quiver Expansion has been added to the SDK Machines. Drop Crazy Perk has been added to the SDK Machines. Berserker Trinket has been added to the SDK Machines. Elitist Perk has been added to the SDK Machines. Corrupted Market Dollar has been added to the SDK Machines. Health Regeneration Ground Aura has been added to the SDK Machines. Mini Slave Pet has been added to the SDK Machines. Slushee Perk has been added to Connor's Special Chest. Cupid's Relic has been added to Connor's Special Chest. Amulet of Ween has been added to Connor's Special Chest. Experienced Ground Aura has been added to Connor's Special Chest. Your client should be on Update #190
    2. Connor

      Update #189

      Update #189 Battle Pass Season 5! With this Battle Pass Season we have made some background changes to make the system much easier to progress through each season going forward. Mythic Rank users now skip the first 5 tasks after the first AFK Rock is mined! New Seasonal Boss Ready to take down the Evil Staff Team? Take down Connor & his minions for some juicy loot! Connors Rare Drops: Connor's Special Key (broken) Offhand Summer Fishing Rod Warm Bonds Minions Rare Drops: Weed Box Rare Sunflowers Tax Bags AOE does not work at this zone to encourage you to take on the boss or minions separately. Connor's Special Chest A brand new chest has arrived! What's inside? HP Madness (10K HP for 1 hour a day), Salvage Pro Perk (10% of salvaged items are saved), Contestant Perk (Doubles Trivia Reward Points), Portable Tax Store (Open the tax bag store anywhere), Connor's Ground Aura (+1% Luck, +4k Stats, +5% Drop Rate, +10% Smuggler Reputation), Connor's Aura Expansion (Grants the 4th & final aura pouch slot), Fierce Tiger Aura, Deaths Kiss Perk, Warcry Perk, Aussie Cape, Smuggled Egg, Travel Insurance, 2M Tax Bags How do you obtain a key? The new Seasonal Boss can drop a broken version at quite a rare rate. or You can purchase a fixed version from the store. All rewards within this chest retain the SDK sale value, but salvage for Epic Tier. Scoreboard has been added for Connor's Special Chest replacing Recycled Coins. You can no longer claim a Challenge Scroll from the Beaver if you already have one banked. Fixed a bug preventing players advancing through the T2 Cultist task on Newb Helper. Moderators now have access to the ::alert command. Administrators now have access to viewing players POS's via name. Fixed a bug with Salvage causing players to disconnect. Readded the "Your item crumbles" message within the Salvage system. Fixed an NPC spawn causing errors. Limited Key Tokens can now be salvaged into SDK salvage. Death Dealer Gauntlets recipe has been changed to remove the extra pair of Stronghold Gauntlets required. A bunch of items have been removed from SDK machines and redistributed. Clue Massacre perk now works with Clue Solver perk. Mythical Cannonball is now in the SDK Salvage store. Sleep Paralysis (perk) is now in the SDK Salvage store. Dig Deep is now in the Raids Points store. Infected Hands are now obtainable from the Damaged Chest. Fortunate H'ween Mask is now obtainable from the Damaged Chest. Your client should be on Update #189
    3. Connor

      Update #188

      Update #188 Newb Helper Introducing the Newb Helper which all new players will obtain when creating an account. This helper will guide players through a step by step tutorial all the way to mid/high gameplay. Hopefully this will help those new players who get confused and not sure what to do next! I've added this as a very simple obtain this, or complete this kind of tutorial to keep it simple for new players who often find themselves a bit overwhelmed. Benefits of doing this? Not only does it guide you through the game, but also you gain items, boxes & bags throughout the tutorial! Enchanted Snowballs are now a generic Enchanted Material. You can no longer unlock the K.I.N.G title multiple times. The message stating your item crumbled on Salvaging has been disabled to see if it stocks the DC'ing. Demon Hounds have been added to the Medium boss teleports. Seasonal AFK Booster has been added to the Afk Rock store. Completed a custom set order. Reduced the price of GoBigorGoHome boxes on ::store. Brute and other Rune types now save the cooldown timer on logout. Brute and other Rune types cooldown timer message has been fixed. Corrected a typo with the Skipper Relic. Baby Overgrown Beaver no longer has an attack option. Lucky Pickaxe can now be used inside Raid 6 with it being the most damaging pickaxe. Changed new player coins to tax bags. Unlimited Prayer Badge has been reduced to 1,000 Bagged Illegal Weed. Added multi account prevention to afk rock. You can no longer use 2 accounts at the same time. Giant Ent's maximum hit has been reduced. ::SB radius has been increased to prevent pet spawning. Your client should be on Update #188
    4. Connor

      Update #187

      Update #187 I've focused this update very much on quality of life changes based on feedback from various new & old players. New Player Experience Changes It's no secret that we are one of the most unique custom servers, however the impact of this means some new players find it difficult to progress, so we've made some of the follow changes to ease that process; Research Table recipies have been changed for various items, such as the removal/reduction of tax bag cost for lower tiers. Reduced the KC requirement on some low tier recipies. The new player referal system now rewards more Tax Bags & also provides 30 minutes unlimited prayer scroll. The YouTube guide link will now open straight away to avoid it being missed which happens often due to players not completing the Island. Introduced a chat reminder to check out ::st & upgrading Cultist as players are missing this. Salvage Bag cost has been reduced to 2 vote points. Cleared up some useless chat messages for new players Afk Rock Exchange (Stock Update) Some rewards has been added & some removed, check it out! SSJ Goku now drops the World Boss Totem 3. All Rare Raid rewards store value has been significantly increased. 30 minute prayer scrolls has been added to the Vote Point Store. Added shading to Moderator yells. Opening the donation perk tree will now displays if your weekly donation perk is active or not. Bunch of Roses not longer work at ::sb due to them being abused. Easter Scratch Cards are no longer obtainable. Supreme Berserker Aura has been added back to the Black SDK machine. Updated an incorrect Trivia answer. The amount of XP the Afk Rock gives has been nerfed. Mental Case Zappers now salvage for Epic Salvage. Off-hand Spring Fishing Rod drop rate has been made more generous! Increased Rates event has ended. Your client should be on Update #187
    5. Connor

      Update #186

      Update #186 We are aware there is currently an issue where the client black screens after downloading the cache, just reboot it. You MUST redownload the client today or it won't update. Increased Rates Event is now live! Super Duper Limited Package! Grab a Super Duper Limited Package from ::store now before it's discontinued! Possible loot; Clue Massacre perk - 20% chance when opening clues you will obtain an extra crate. Rich Boi perk - Reduces the cost of Rich Mans Store by 10%. Credit Card perk - 5% chance to save a $10 store credit when being used in the store. (This is 5% per $10 credit, so a 20 credit purchase will guarantee a credit refund). Magicans Rune - When activated you will gain an additional Magic Hit for 30 minutes with a 2 hour cooldown. Archers Rune - When activated you will gain an additional Ranged Hit for 30 minutes with a 2 hour cooldown. Brutes Rune - When activated you will gain an additional Melee Hit for 30 minutes with a 2 hour cooldown. Hit Cap Enhancer perk - Increases all hit caps by 10%. Group Saver perk - 10% chance to not consume money when spawning EMB/OCP. Lucky Pickaxe - Best pickaxe, 5% additional experience & 50% chance to double AFK Rock. Death Dealer Gem - Combined with all 3 Sponsored Gauntlets & Stronghold Gauntlets to make a set of Death Dealer Gauntlets which are BIS & provide an additional 10% max hit. Slight of Hand Perk - Reduces Research Table & Perk Lectern tax bag costs by 10%. 2 x Limited Key Tokens. 1 x Limited Key Token. 5 x Store Mystery Boxes. Overgrown Badger As The Easter Bunny hides away for another year, a new beast needs dealing with! The Falador castle has been overtaken by a massive Badger! Take it down and gain some great loot that it once took from those it killed! Stats: Possible Rare Loot: Clue Loot banker perk - Automatically banks loot from opening Clue Scrolls (UIM cannot redeem this) Baby Overgrown Badger - Feed it a $5 Bond and get a Challenge Scroll once per day! (Untradeable) - Also the first ever pet with particles! Log Box - Allows the storage of Logs & has a 50% chance to automatically store the log itself. Can only hold magic & hellfire logs. Bowl of Honey - Activates Beast Mode for yourself, has a cool down of 8 hours. (Untradeable) Offhand - Spring Fishing Rod - Randomly generates extra loot during PVM! Challenge Reward Packages will now roll common loot 5 times, rather than 3. Added Challengers Turmoil to Challenge Reward Package loots. Added Overkill Stability to Challenge Reward Package loots. Fixed Dread Queen Challenge Scroll task. Fixed $50 bond Challenge Scroll task. Fixed an issue with Challenge Scroll not showing task. Reduced the cost of a Challenge Scroll from the Raid store to 100M points. Untradeable $10 credits can now be used to purchase the Battle Pass. Untradeable $10 credits can now be used to purchase Perks. Cleaned up the Vax Shield code. Completed a custom set order. Shades can now be added to Titles. Fixed AOE Relic not working as intended. Hellfire Logs are no longer stackable. You can no longer obtain the skilling pet from AFK Rock. Fixed a bug causing players to obtain multiple aggressive visage's. Spooky Sickle no longer shows twice in the FOP chest. Reduced Potion of Love's cooldown to 2 hours. Lucky Rock can now be added to the Pocket Pouch. Frostbite Blitz can now be added to the Pocket Pouch. Cosmetic Override Kits can now be sold at the Tax Bag Store. Your client should be on Update #186!! - Redownload from website is a must this update, sorry.
    6. Connor

      Update #185

      Update #185 We are aware there is currently an issue where the client black screens after downloading the cache, just reboot it. You MUST redownload the client today or it won't update. Weekly Donation Buff Introducing a new weekly buff you can obtain from ::Store for just $10! Once activated you will gain the following passive buffs for exactly 1 week until it expires. Buffs; +100HP, +5% Drop Rate Bonus, +2% Luck Bonus +10% Experience, +5% Damage, +10% Boss Points, +10% Raids Points Challenge Scrol Grab yourself a challenge scroll and see what juicy loot you can obtain! In order to gain progress on these scrolls you have to do the most damage, massing will not work. You must have the scroll in your inventory to progress. Challenge Scrolls can be obtained from the following; Bond Points Store, Raids Points Store, Global Bosses, Thanos's Challenge. Possible Loot If you don't roll a rare your roll the common table 3 times Gluttony (ability) has been moved to the AFK Rock Exchange. Smuggler Weapons now salvage for Epic Salvage. Supreme Mystery Box loot now salvages for Common Salvage. Fixed the Seasonal AFK Booster not working correctly. Items from the AFK Rock store are now untradeable, however the resource itself remains tradeable. Moderator's can now see POS history including Username to deal with those trying to manipulate prices. Fixed an issue causing some players to blackscreen when updating. Sharpshooter perk drop rate has been nerfed. New players can now unlock the aggressive prayer visage after 500 kills rather than 5,000. Fixed an issue causing some interface backgrounds to not load. Vax Shield should now be working correctly. Your client should be on Update #185
    7. Connor

      Update #184

      Update #184 This update is a QOL based one to get some issues resolved sooner rather than later. A content update will follow next, so continue with your suggestions on Discord! Store Spring Sale! For a limited time we have introduce a Spring sale! Hopefully this will help some of those who usually can't justify the prices. New AFK Activity The large rocks in the home area can now be mined for some afk mining experience, along with a chance to obtain some extra goodies! The rocks are not salvageable to maintain the trees value. In addition to a $5 bond, the store introduces 3 brand new items! Lucky Rock - Provides +1% luck bonus. AOE Relic - Increases AOE damage by 10% which stacks with other bonus. Seasonal AFK Booster - Provides an additional afk material from seasonal afk activities. Player Owned Shop Changes Due to various feedback and complaints around the system being abuse, we have made the following changes.. You can no longer see who owns the store you click on. You can no longer search for specific players. The idea around this is to limit players trading specifically between each other to manipulate the values of items. Too often we see items able to be purchased for less, but are ignored, so this is clearly some players trying to manipulate the prices. Client False Positive For some reason google was detecting a false positive within the client. Having scanned this on various sites all saying it was fine, hydrid-analysis stated that our dropbox.com link was not liked & for some reason registering as a false positive, so we have now resolved this issue by using dl.dropboxusercontent.com so the false positive should no longer occur. The rate of obtaining auras from Hyogamon has been significantly increased. ::pos can now be used at all donator zones. Healthy DPS perk has been added to the red SDK machine. Increased payout of tax bags after each Abandoned Mine Raid to up to 2,000. Fixed a players mini-me pet's drop rate bonus. Fixed a players mini-me pet not obtaining the right magic damage bonus. Completed upgrades requested with dyes for custom sets. Your client should be on Update #184
    8. Connor

      Update #183

      Update #183 Box of Goodies! For limited time grab a box of goodies from store or via store credits! What's inside? One random item from the below... 2 x Limited Key Tokens, Easter Ground Aura, Sandals, Diseased Aura, Plan B, Frozen Shovel, Infected Hands, Double Lover Perk, Offhand Rainbow Giving Flowers, Rocket Launcher, Spring Gloves. Collection Log Teleport Collection Log now has a teleport option for ease of grinding! Wealth Tax Bag Zone Exclusive for newer players, this zone offers a way to get some cash fast! If you complete the full 5k kills your have accumulated around 100K bags & also you will unlock the Aggressive Prayer Visage which is an untradeable item. It allows you to have 1 hour per day unlimited prayer & mob aggression. Restrictions: Must have less than 5 days playtime No alts can access this zone Once you hit 5,000 kills you can no longer visit the zone. Salvage Addition SDK salvage is now it's own entity and as such as it's own SDK Salvage Store. Fixed some player title/pet reports. Staff can now see new players joining via Discord. Store Credit stores have been updated with all stock. Your client should be on Update #183
    9. Connor

      Update #182

      Update #182 Best of 2023 Crate For VERY, VERY limited time only get access to an exclusive crate Possible Loot 2 x Limited Key Tokens 3 x Ice dyes Dark Protein Shake Deathly Drop rate Perk Death Gem (inactive) Reapers key Shadow amulet Elite Raider Perk Slushee Perk Dig Deep Untradeable $10 tokens will no longer state you have gained raffle entries. Removed Easter Pocket Pouch from SDK machine. You can no longer spawn pets at the Hyogamon boss. Completed player custom pets. Complete player custom titles. Corrected Spring Gloves examine text to reflect Salvage buff. Corrected examine text of the Skipper Relic. Lil bit o Luck can now be stored within the Pocket Pouch. Given it's limited obtainable timeframe, the Skipper Relic is now tradeable. Challenges within Dungeoneering now require the boss to be killed to be completed. Fixed a model on the "Gerbar's Helmet". Easter Scratch Card rates fixed (This was done in a reboot some days ago). Your client should be on Update #182 Apologies the update is slightly small, my family haven't been well, so I'll make sure a big update comes soon!
    10. Connor

      Update #181

      Update #181 Easter Scratch Card For limited time only! Grab the Scratch Card from store to try you luck at some rewards! Scratch away for just a buck! Easter Boss also has a rare chance to drop these Scratch Cards as an additional drop. Reward Table: Common: Cosmetic Override Kit Store Mystery Box Rare: Limited Key Token Spring Cleaner Perk (automatically banks effigy/lamps from chests) Egg of Loots (3% chance to save casket when opening) Vote Boss Introducing... Professor Oddenstein! The inventor of the Vote Chest will spawn in the home area every 150 votes alongside Beast Mode & everyone gets loot! Don't take him for a fool, he's pretty smart! He's invented a shield so he can only be damaged for 50,000 per hit & attacks everyone with Ranged. Rewards: Vote Key (Common) Lucky Clue Scroll Casket (Uncommon) Store Mystery Box (Uncommon) BMT Required Item reset (Uncommon) Smuggler Daily Contribution reset (Uncommon) Go Big or Go Home Box (Uncommon) Big Red Key (Uncommon) $10 Store Credit (Untradeable) (Rare) Connor the Mythic God Drops: Having followed feedback it is clear that the lack of tradeable drops is impacting players killing the boss. Ground Aura Pouch (broken) is now tradeable. Connor's Gem is now tradeable. Fixed Skele's mini-me pet. Added Mini-Elementalist. Common Salvage text from the Salvage Bag now has a black shadow for ease of reading. Removed fix option from Ground Aura Pouch (broken). Fixed ::sb teleport location. Fixed Battlepass giving wrong reward for 175k f2p task. Made some pricing changes to common salvage store. Elf Armour ticket has been removed from store. Your client should be on Update #181
    11. Connor

      Update #180

      Update #180 Easter Boss! The Easter Bunny has become enraged and is killing anyone it sees, take him down for some great spoils! Update may appear smaller this week, but that's because there is a lot of work going on in the background, just not ready for release yet! Ancient Stone now dismantles for Raids salvage. Seatroll Queen kills now count towards the Daily Money Maker world boss task. Solak kills now count towards the Daily Money Maker world boss task. Goku SSJ kills now count towards the Daily Money Maker world boss task. Crate of Love has replaced the Xmas loot box on the weekly donation raffles. Superior Reborn versions that were mistakenly tradeable are no longer tradeable. Fixed a bug allowing Empowered Quiver to be repaired multiple times. Giant Ent can now be spawned with Rare Boss Spawners. World Revenant Kills has been added to the quest tab. Your client should be on Update #179 as there was not client changes this update
    12. Connor

      Update #179

      Update #179 Battle Pass (Season 4)! It's here, season 4 has arrived! The intention with this BP is that it will last longer, so the final rewards will feel more worth the time. You can grab Premium on ::Store! Perk Tree Expansion For a while now, people have asked for the gap between 2.5 and 5k to be filled, so here it is. Updated ::boxloots to show Crate of Love. Store Credit Token shop updated to contain Crate of Love. Fixed some models not animating correctly. Completed Mini-Me requests. Complete Title requests. Fixed a bug with someone mini-me pet giving too much D/R bonus. Crystal Key loot can now be salvaged at a 90% failure rate. Mystery Box loot can now be salvaged at a 90% failure rate. Fixes from previous update; Fixed Empowered Quiver not calculating spots properly. Fixed Drop Cazy perk not being redeemable. Mythic God bleed affect removing after death should now be fixed. Salvage rates were not read correctly by myself so the correct rates are now updated as; 65% & 55% respective for common/afk failure chance and 65% & 75% other common failure chance Your client should be on Update #179
    13. Connor

      Update #178

      Update #178 Crate of Love For limited time only, get your hands on the box of love on ::Store! Based on feedback we have changed the way these boxes work. So they will be much cheaper in store, however the chances of a unique will be rarer. Possible Loot; Cupid's Relic (+250 HP) Cupid's Quiver Expansion (+1 empowered quiver slot) Light Aggression Totem (Makes mobs around you aggressive) Drop Crazy Perk (10% chance when consuming a double drop scroll it will save the scroll) Berserker Trinket (5% d/r bonus, 1% luck bonus & 5% extra melee damage) Inactive Power Gemstone (Combined with the 3 CS gemstones to give an extra AOE boost) Upgrader Totem (+50% chance to successfully upgrade the item) 10 x Go Big or Go Home Boxes 1 x Limited Key tokens Salvage common/afk rates have been made more generous. Those are now 75% and 85% boostable to 85% and 95% respectively. Added Connor the Mythic God collection log. Mythic Boss magic attack has been changed to a ranged attack which now does 2x damage hits. Mythic Boss melee attacks in phase 2 now do 2x damage hits Mythic Boss maximum standard hit has been increased to 800 (1.6k on phase 2). Fixed Mythic God bleed not removing after death. Mythic God Bleed damage has been increased to 300. If someone dies to Mythic God he will now heal to full and reset to phase 1. Damaged Chest loot now has the correct tax bag value & now has Epic Salvage value. Cleared up the map at Mythic God. Mythic God kill requirement is now 50 Thanos kills. Mythic God now requires a 50,000 fee per day to access. Seasonal Donation Key Rerolls will no longer be announced due to spam. Fixed objects within ::mz not working. Ground Aura Pouch now correctly gives the GA's stats. Removed Warmongers Collection Log. Coldsnap perk has been fixed for some players custom sets, if yours isn't working PM me on discord. Your client should be on Update #178
    14. Connor

      Update #177

      Update #177 Mythic Rank Zone In the depths of Zanaris those with Mythical Rank will be allowed access to this once forgotten city with ::mz. Zone Benefits; All experience inside the zone is +25%. Seasonal Afk Spot (allows for a second account to collect materials). Access to (Connor the Mythical God) elite boss. Using Item Dissembler in this zone has a 1% chance for the item not to be consumed. Large amount of skilling objects. Based on current player feedback, this zone will not contain any of the current AOE bosses and instead future AOE bosses will be added. Connor the Mythical God (Elite Boss) Requirements: Mythic Rank 20 Thanos Kills Information: HP: 750,000,000 Max Hit: Insta Kill This boss is truly the biggest challenge yet with 2 phases! First phase will consist of auto-attacks, 2 separate minion spawns & a final special attack where you must remove your weapon else the boss will use your own weapons on yourself and instantly kill you. The second phase will consist of 3 different attacks on top of the auto-attacks. A destroying spin attack that will ruins those close and those who seek to stay out the way will have their soulsplit disabled multiple times, pay attention! Don't forget the bleed attacks and the last 20% of HP will see fireballs rain from the sky causing high damage and bleed attacks if you don't keep moving! Drops (all uniques are untradeable): Common drops are packed with salvageable loot! Ground Aura Pouch (broken) - Once fixed you can store 2 Ground Auras inside to benefit from both Damaged Chest - Contains a variety of redistributed SDK items, once repaired Mythic God (Title) - 2% extra Luck bonus Connor's Gem - Used as a research material Increased rates event has now ended. All F2P Relics are now untradeable. A bunch of "junk" bosses have been removed from the boss interface, they are still accessible via slayer. Crex teleport will now move you to minions if you don't have the required KC. Digimon Parts are now untradeable. Rare Gold Bars are now tradeable. Empowered Quiver (broken) now only loses the salvage when it fails, the quiver is safe. Fixed Salvage not calculating quantity correctly. Fixed a bug causing multiple portable item dismantler's being rewarded. Item Dismantler will now only salvage 28 items per click. SDK Free Pick from Giant Ent has been made a rarer drop. Completed outstanding custom set & mini-me's. Fixed Skipper Relic not working correctly. Your client should be on Update #177
    15. Connor

      Update #176

      Update #176 AFK Activity As the snow melts, it uncovers rare gold which hasn't been seen since 2021! Around home you will find rare gold statues which you can harvest whilst afk for some exclusive rewards! Rewards; Tax Bags, Warm Bonds, Mythical Old Mans Head (7% drop rate bonus), Random Chest Key Box, Skipper Relic (skips first 5 Thanos waves) Random Chest Key Box rates are as follows... Crystal Key - 32.89% OP Key - 19.74% Red Key - 32.89% Big Red Key - 13.42% Seasonal Donation Key 1.05% Fusion Rewards Expansion Relic of Experience (10% additional experience) Relic Resetter (Clears the current power allowing you to set a new power) New Store Update Some additional items have been added to ::store Lucky Relic (5% extra Luck bonus) Salvaged Relic (5% chance to obtain an extra Salvage) What are Relics? Relics can be used on the Mythical Egg to give you a buff until reset, only one Relic can be used per day, unless a resetter is used. The relics do NOT get consumed. Added AFK Salvage Type which is obtained from Rare Gold Bars & AFK Tree Tokens. Added "Relic Power" option to Mythical Egg. Removed Recycled Coins from obtainable methods. Beastmode will no longer proc for those in the Wilderness. 2024 glasses can no longer be obtained. Your client should be on Update #176
    16. Connor

      Update #175

      Update #175 Wilderness Revamp (phase 1) Core changes to combat & wilderness; Added new perk to ::store which increases revenant artefact value by 20%. All experience gained inside the wilderness is +50% and stacks with all other boosts. You can no longer enter the wilderness with stats above 600, this eliminates almost every custom item. If you try to equip items with higher stats than the above in wildy, below 20 you will be teleported out, above 20 you will be subject to constant bleed damage. AOE does not work within the wilderness, except standard RS AOE. Weapons with multiple hits will not function in the wilderness. All perks are disabled within the wilderness, this includes items such as unlimited prayer & aggression. Double Drop scrolls do not work within the wilderness. Bank commands can no longer be used within the wilderness. Mandrith can be found at Edgeville, he will buy Artefacts, sell PvP sets & has a shop for Wilderness Euros & Blood Money. The damage buff applied to Ranged does not apply inside the wilderness. The damage buff applied to Magic does not apply inside the wilderness. Various combat formulas have been tweaked to ensure passives do not work in PvP. The Revenants have escaped from their cave, slay them down for some great loot & some Wilderness Euros by selling artefacts to Mandrith at Edgeville! Wilderness Boss (Revenant King) Spawned every time 250 Revenants are killed. Stats: HP: 30,000 Max Hit: 350 Loot: (up to 5 players can obtain a drop) Common: All types of Artifacts Rare: Vesta's Longsword Revenant Lantern (10% damage against Revenants (stacks with Deahtly Ring) Revenant King Title Token (Food restores 25% more) Seasonal Donation Key Parts Wilderness Euros can be used in a new exclusive store and are only obtainable from PvM within the Wilderness. Wilderness Euros Store; Grand Seed Pod (allows teleporting out of Wilderness up to level 30) Chaotic (i) varients (Stronger chaotic weapons able to be used within the wilderness) Revenant Soul (poured onto a Vesta's Longsword to upgrade it) Deathly Ring (Increase PvM melee damage inside the wilderness by 10% whilst worn) Dismantler Manual (Decreases the failure chance when making common salvage) Scratch Cards $5 Bonds What comes in phase 2? In phase 2 we will be updating the following; Blood Money store to have more & new exclusive rewards More bosses within the Wilderness Wilderness Slayer Smaller QOL within the Wilderness Wilderness Collection Logs The idea is to eradicate customs from the Wilderness, so if you detect any able to be used, please let us know so we can resolve this, however we have checked through many items to try get it the first time. Cultist no longer requires Salvage to be obtained to upgrade. Speed Gloves has had their stats increased. Salvage Bag cost reduced to 8 vote points. Various lower tier weapons have had their stats increased. Untradeable $10 store tokens no longer count towards the raffle (as per vote results). Chaotic staff now requires 80 magic to use. ::rules have been updated to reflect Wilderness changes. Your client should be on Update #175
    17. Connor

      Update #174

      Update #174 Thank you for a great year, it's been a struggle towards the end, but as usual we march on going into our 5th year online and with the staff team and dedicated players we have we are going to get back up to those 100s online! Increased Rates Event! Increased Rates Event is LIVE to celebrate going into 2024! Benefits; +10% drop rate bonus Extra crates from Item Smuggler Double Experience 25% extra rare chance in all raids 20% extra Black Market Dollars Be sure to login and claim them sexy 2024 glasses! Salvage System Changes Salvaging for Common Salvage is no longer a 100% chance, it is now a 25% chance, with some items being 10%. Some items can yield more than 1 Salvage, this typically depends on their rarity in-game. Instance totems for example now give 5 salvage. More items have been added to the salvageable list. Examining items will now display salvage type & how many of that salvage can be obtained, salvage bag no longer does this action. Salvage Bag is now required in your inventory to Dismantle items. Fixed salvage bonus items saying they have proc'd when they haven't. Thank you for all the feedback to allow us to balance this as quickly as possible Fixed a bug causing Well of Goodwill to overwrite the wrong line in the quest tab. Elf Shoes can now be used with Cosmetic Overrides. Fixed some typo's within interfaces. Your client should be on Update #173 - there is no client update this time
    18. Connor

      Update #173

      Update #173 Salvage System Replacing the Recycling Centre is the new & improved Salvage system. For too long now the Recycle Centre has become... pointless because you can just farm the same AOE mob and stack up coins meaning it doesn't really help the economy. So we've introduced this change to combat that. What's different? You will now dismantle specific types of items for different types of salvage in the chest area which will be required in recipes to unlock new items & perks meaning you have to combat those different types of bosses or buy the drops from players and break them down as the salvage itself is not a tradeable item, but instead stored inside the salvage bag which is obtained from the vote point store. You can use the salvage bag on items to find out what they salvage for. Any Recycled Coin buffs will now reflect to common salvage, so if it was 10% extra coins, its now a 10% chance for an extra salvage. Types of Salvage (obtained from) Common - Fatboy, Glod, Warmonger, Soulless, Rex, Demon hellhound, Defenders, Hulk, Ice demon, Skotizo, Skeletal Horror, Water Newb, Tokash, Ancient Wizard, Dark Wizard, Blood Warrior, Nurses - OP Key loot (however OP Key loot only has a 25% chance to give salvage) Rare Salvage (broken into specific types) - Crex, Hellfire Dragon, SSJ Goku, Succubus, Itsyaboi, Vader, Mythical Beast, Elite Pokemon, Reborn King, Raging Ranger, Evil Baby, Raids Salvage (abandoned, Lava, Swat, KOH) Epic Salvage - Toxic Ring (u), Elite Thanos Drops & SDK Loot Perk System The perk system will see some slightly changes with this update. We are now introducing perk charges. This is very simple and will not have too much effect on players. Perks will now only activate if you have Common Salvage in your bag, you don't need to carry the salvage bag, it can remain in your bag. Once that hit's 0 none of your perks will function. Your perks will now have a chance to consume Common Salvage, however it has been designed to only do this on a rare occassion & not every type of perk that requires salvage to proc will consume salvages so it doesn't impact the player too much, those will lots of perks will obviously consume more, but even at that point it shouldn't impact much. There are a few exceptions to this that won't consume charges, such as the overload perk & donation perk system etc. Following player feedback the perk system remains untouched and the change above was not implemented. I am expecting a lot of feedback from this over the next couple of weeks, positive and negative, so rest assured there will be tweaks/changes to ensure it's exactly where players expect it to be, including more fusion items. Recycling based titles will remain and now be discontinued to be further obtained. Recycled Coins can still be used by clicking them to access the store. Box of Recycled Coins are now a Box of Common Salvage. Xmas Wrapping Paper Event has now ended. Fixed a bug allowing yuou to unnote items in your inventory making non-stackable items stack. Looting chests/boxes with noted items will no longer bank the noted item, instead unnote it and then bank it. Moving noted items in your bank will now automatically unnote them for those with noted items already in their banks. Your client should be on Update #173
    19. Connor

      Update #172

      Update #172 Bank Placeholders! Yes we are very late to the party despite players asking for a long time! However they're here now as an early Xmas gift to all you with OCD! So as a little Xmas present from me I thought I'd drop this update for you all. Simply click the placeholder button so it turns on and organise away! We are very much looking for feedback on this update, so be sure to let me know on Discord if you find any issues Tweaks to help reduce the amount of lagg when around multiple people with textures/particles. Your client should be on Update #171
    20. Connor

      Update #171

      Update #171 Drops Bonanza! We have carefully selected some older items from the SDK chests to spread out the the F2P areas of the game. Not only does this allow for F2P to access more content, but it allows those keys to provide better, more recently updated content. Raiders Sword - Obtained from Raid Points Store for 1,500,000,000 Points! Unlimited Cosmetic Override Kit - 3,000 Trivia Points Sharpshooter Perk - Rarest drop from Casket of Rage. Dwarf Cannon Damage Increase - 25,000 Slayer Points Heat Healing Aura (500 HP) - 1,000,000 Recycled Coins Infinite Overload Stability - 15,000 Island Points Leprechauns Pet - 3,000,000 Loyalty Points Lucky Rabbit Foot - Rare Reward from Vote Chest Virus Codex (Covid Virus) - Obtained from Perk Lectern Empowered Stone has been added to the Crazy Snowmans drop table. Fixed Enchanted Shop asking for the wrong currency. Updated Mini-Me pet for Cryptic88. Completed some back-end work to fix some Full screen issues. Your client should be on Update #171
    21. Connor

      Update #170

      Update #170 Xmas Rewind Box Packed with rewards previously obtained from limited boxes from the last 4 years. Possible Loot: Ice Dye (+2% damage per dyed item) Santa's Present Stack (+20% XP, +10% Black Market Dollars, +10% Smuggler Reputation & x2 Enchanted Materials) Spicy Eggnog (10% extra AOE damage for 1 hour) Frozen Shovel (Doubles seasonal afk activity rewards) Gathers Rod Perk (Upgrades Telekinetic Rod perk so it works whilst skilling gathering skills, as well as PvM) Mistletoe Aura (10% extra damage per player near you, up to 100%) Grinch Sled (Aggression totem lasts 30 mins longer) Santa's Sharing Present (Give everyone nearby double xp & 10% damage for 1 hour) Scrooge Perk (3% chance to save items when sold to shops) Naughty Aura (Every 75 hits, deal double damage for the next 15) Aura Pouch Supreme Healer Aura (+1k HP) Sanata's Gift Perk (Randomly obtain loot boxes whilst in PvM) 15 x Go Big or Go Home Boxes 5 x Store Mystery Boxes 2 x Limited Key Tokens Elf Box For those looking for some new loot that's more mid-game or cheaper, this is the box for you! Possible Loot: Elf Hat (+1% Luck & stats better than Reborn) Elf Shirt (+1% Luck & stats better than Reborn) Elf Leggings (+1% Luck & stats better than Reborn) Elf Gloves (+5% Drop Rate & stats better than Raid Master) Elf Boots (+5% Drop Rate & stats better than Raid Master) Frosty Scythe (Very strong 2H weapon) 1 x Limited Key Token Rich Player Store A new store can now be accessed at ::shops by any players, however this shop is ridiculously expensive! Only those with stacks of bags are likely to be able to become a customer. Currently it contains the untradeable $10 Store Credit Token, but more items will be added overtime. $10 Store Credit Tokens can now be made untradeable by right clicking. Updated $10 credit stores with the new Xmas boxes. When using Full Screen alert pop-ups will no longer appear in the middle of the screen. ::sb now takes you to the correct area. Total Raids completed now calculates with Abandoned Mine Raid. Amulet of Ween now gives the correct drop rate bonus. Emptying Pocket Pouch now only requires free inventory space for the amount you have stored. Berserker Trinket now works inside the Quiver. Abandoned Mine collection log now shows the correct KC. Updated Battle Pass Sunflower task to now be Snowballs. Fixed Corrupted Market Dollar not functioning correctly. Fixed a bug allowing you to stack Crazy Snowman spawns. Fixed a HP issue with a custom set. Your client should be on Update #170
    22. Connor

      Update #169

      Update #169 Christmas Event 2023: As the world get's colder, snow has started to fall! Watch out as soon the pumpkins will perish and snow piles will gather which will be valuable. It's that time of year we all love, unless you're a grump prick. Wrapping Paper: You can now obtain Wrapping Paper from the activity displayed in-game. You can find out which activity by clicking Santa at ::egg. This will change every hour. Some activities will reward much better for your time than others. Wrapping Paper can be exchanged with Santa at ::egg to randomly obtain one of 3 presents. Exchanging for a present costs 100 Wrapping Paper per present. Green Present (common present that gives basic rewards) Purple Present (rare present that gives basic rewards & chances at rares) Gold Present (this present is guaranteed to give you a rare present) Rare Rewards: Jester Hat (+10% XP & stops trees being chopped down) Jester Scarf (50% chance Woodcutting, Mining & Fishing resources will be banked) Mrs Claus Perfume (Overload stats for 1 continuous hour) Pocket Pouch Upgrade (Xmas) Cold Bonds, $50 Scratch Card, Bobble Hat, Bobble Scarf, Party hats (sell for 425K) If you don't land a rare reward the common rewards are pretty great too! Crazy Snowman Boss: He's back! Grab your spawners from the Snowball exchange to spawn him! The spawners are MUCH cheaper this year based on last years feedback. Rare Drops: Scrooge Perk Buffer, Weed Box, Offhand Winter Fishing Rod, RS3 Black Santa Hat, Snowman Head, Frosty Staff, Xmas Pudding Wand, Xmas Pudding Wand Upgrader, Ice Sword, Festive Aura, Various Santa Outfit Items. Snowball Exchange: Gather snowballs by clicking the piles around the home area to gain access to an exclusive shop! These can be enchanted at the Drugs Lab for even better rewards! Xmas Donation Boxes will drop next week, at the same time the H'ween ones are discontinued! Updated the home area to reflect the season. Updated Health Regeneration Aura to include "ground". Fixed Pk Hero's custom set models & fixed stats. Completed Mini-Me's. Completed Titles. A fix has been added for Abandoned Mine Raid causing players killing the 1st boss to teleport all others. Drugs Lab & Afk seasonal activity have been cleaned up so the code always reads each other meaning it won't cause issues on seasonal changes. Your client should be on Update #169
    23. Connor

      Update #168

      Update #168 Abandoned Mine Raid Raise your pickaxes and explore this brand new raid containing 3 bosses! The raid has two modes, regular and hard mode. Regular: Aimed to be the easiest raid in-game for very fresh noobs to get some raids done, so no requirements to enter! Non of the bosses have any special attacks in this mode. Hard Mode: All monsters have much more HP, new special attacks, increased attack speed & damage with healing passives. Hard Mode not only has an exclusive rare reward, but it also pulls a common reward from a unique loot pool that regular does not have access to. Requirements: 50 Stronghold Raids Completed Boss 1: Special: Spawns a bunch of minion golems which heal to 15,000 every time they attack. Whilst minions are alive, the Ancient Golem cannot be damaged. Boss 2: Special: Every shot the boss fires after he drops below 3M HP will explode outwards to 2 tiles. Stay away from other players or suffer an instant death! Boss 3: Special: Has a shield that reduces incoming damage to 0. A single player must keep engaging with the shield rock to allow other players to damage. If you stop engaging with the shield rock then the damage will go back to 0 and the boss will heal to full! Bring some food because that shield rock deals damage too! Careful of the falling rocks! Raiders Sword can be used inside the Hard mode raid, however you must have the Mythical Pickaxe in your inventory. It will do double the damage of the pickaxe. Black Friday Sales! Black Friday Sales are now live! Enjoy them for a short period to get ahead with a great saving on ::Store! Added collection log for Abandoned Mine Raids. Lottery should no longer draw twice if a player isn't online when the original draw occurs. Lottery should now announce the winner even if they aren't online. You can now buy 10x Lottery entries at a time. Drugs Lab has been fixed and pumpkins can now be used within it. Fixed Battle Pass seasonal boss task. You can no longer spawn pets at ::sb. Completed custom set orders. H'ween masks have been given Tax bag values to sell to the store. Your client should be on Update #168
    24. Connor

      Update #167

      Update #167 Headless Horseman The H'ween boss event is here with more generous drop rates this year! Take him down whilst he's here for a short period and get hold of the new exclusive Blood Dye! This year the Horseman has replaced his prayer downing special with a special that heals him, but the more players in the room, the more he heals! Possible Rare Drops Blood Dye (gives items it's put on additional HP) Decapitating Scimitar, Headless Horsebaby (pet), Horseman outift, SplitSoul Perk (extra 10% damage whilst using SS), Mutated H'ween Mask (+100HP), Regular H'ween Masks, Pumpkin Bulwark (25% chance to save life on death), Jack Lantern Mask, Grim Reaper Hood, Taxbag Boxes. Pumpkin Picking! Along with the home reskin, you can now click some of the pumpkins to start harvesting them for exclusive access to a new shop where you trade them! Lottery System You've asked for ages and finally it's here! You will find the Lottery Director in the home area who will give you all the information you need! A ticket costs 25,000 Tax Bags with no limit on how many you can buy so we can have mega huge pots! The draw is every Friday at 19:00 and a 10% tax is taken from the pot. So for every ticket 2,500 bags are taken out of the pot. Home area has been reskinned for H'ween! Vial of Blood has been renamed to Vial of Health. FBE with vial of Blood attached is now called Fat Boy (elite - health). Death Gem variants have been given a stat buff. Death Gem's now work correctly in the Empowered Quiver. Reapers Key will now calculate the bonus correctly resulting in more Luck %. Enchanted Sunflowers have changed to Enchanted Pumpkins. Battle Pass casino task has been reduced to win 15,000. Mutated Dungeon Raid no longer has a teleport animation. Prestige no longer causes glitched stats. Corrected the cmd for SSJ Goku spawn. Mutated Fungus chance of giving the teleport orb is now 50% more likely. Slayer Experience for Medium tasks has been greatly increased. Slayer Experience for a select few Hard tasks has been increased. Rare Boss Spawner price has been reduced to 7,500 Black Market Dollars. Your client should be on Update #167
    25. Connor

      Update #166

      Update #166 H'ween Loot Sack The latest limited edition box is here! This one will NOT be added to SDK after, so these items are truly limited! Check out ::Store to grab a box! Possible Rewards: Potion'o'Experience (+50% experience to you and everyone around you for 30 minutes) Dark Protein Shake (+5% damage for 10 minutes, no cooldown) Elitist Perk (+20% damage against all Elite Tier Bosses - counts as additional hit so avoids cap) Seasoned Thief Perk (10% chance that SDK is saved when opening the machine) Deathly Drop Rate Perk (Increases Drop Rate cap to 150% if perk & enhancer are already obtained) Death Gem (inactive) (Combined with P2W Amulet (i) & P2W (elite) to combine their effects into your arrow slot) - inactive version can still give a stat buff. Corrupted Market Dollar (Reduces Back Market prices by 20%) Reapers Key (When in your inventory, shadow dye affect gains 50%) Amulet of Ween (+8K stats, +150HP & +5% drop rate bonus) 15 x Go Big or Go Home Boxes 5 x Store Mystery Boxes 2 x Limited Key Tokens Battle Pass Changes Healthy DPS (exclusive perk) has been added to the pass. (+2% damage for every 100HP above 1,000 (capped at 20%) Xmas Loot Box (2022) has been moved into the F2P tiers. Perk Tablet has been added to the pass. Fixed some perks not displaying info on the perk interface. Your maximum drop rate % cap now displays in the quest tab. Your client should be on Update #166