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      Update #38

      Love it!
    2. Jake

      Update #37

      Stupendous update C. Love it! - Jake
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      Update #34

    4. Will try and get placeholders coded for Mythical would be a nice addition. However, not sure what you mean by fix box selection though? - Jake
    5. Jake

      Update #29

      Love it! 😄
    6. Staff Application Layout Hello Mythical users! We've now decided to open a staff application layout which is something new for us to try out. Before you apply we do have some basic requirements we seek from you. These are the requirements: You will have to know our current rules on both discord & In-game. You must not have any previous convictions like mutes and bans both in-game and discord. You have to be active both in-game and on the discord server. You must have knowledge of the server in-game and how to use our discord. You must have well written English and speaking in the event of a staff call meeting (when needed) In the event your application gets denied, you will have to wait a 30 day period from your application post to reapply for a staff position. You will be required to be active for 1-6 hours a day, however we understand there may be real-life occurrences that pop up so we give the exception when that happens. We insist you use our discord server including the staff chat to communicate with Connor, myself and other staff members as it's a private area. You must not leak anything that goes into that chat at all. You are required to have 100h+ in-game play time before applying for our server support staff role. Tells us about yourself?: Name: Age: In-game Username: In-game Play time: Do you use our discord server (Yes/No): Timezone: Your average time you play daily (example 1-2h): Previous staff experiences if any?: Why you think you fit the staff position (basically a goal as to why)?: If you have any weaknesses that could prevent you from getting this staff position?:
    7. Jake

      Update #25

      Nice update mate - Jake
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      Update #24

      Nice update bro 😄 - Jake
    9. Jake

      Update #23

      Excellent update 😄 - Jake
    10. Thank you for the response and good job on getting the Hellfire Shadow Sword! - Jake
    11. Jake

      Update #20

      Great update Connor been looking forward to this 😛 - Jake
    12. Before I post this guide, I'd like to say that I'm aware there are a lot more weapons out there. But I'd like to just keep this guide simple and clean. This is actually the route I took for melee weapons when I started off as well. Melee Weapons Guide by @Jake & @Thor So starting off this guide you'll want to head to the Mario's which are located in the training teleport's and then under Monsters tab. Or you can simply do ::train 😄 and you'll be killing marios for the Ghostly swords. Next up is the ghostly claws which you can obtain from Mystery boxes. These boxes are dropped from Mystery box npc at ::train or you can find them in other npc drop tables such as Goku Jr's and Demon Hounds. After you've acquired the ghostly claws do not fear the stats, you'll be using these claws for faster attack rate but you'll also want to get your strength bonus up so go check out my melee armour guide here: However, that guide will need adjusting as new items / changes have been made but for now it'll be of use! So once you've got some strength bonus under you, head over to the Shaman defenders and score yourself a Defender sword. This is a bit of an upgrade in terms of stats but the ghostly claws will still be faster in terms of speed attacks. You can find these Shaman's in Bosses teleport and then look in medium bosses. 😄 Or the easier way would be to use ::defenders The LIT SWORD For a f2p player this will be your best in slot melee weapon. Unless you get lucky and accumulate a lot of tax bags and find a better upgrade then this is the sword for you! There are currently 3 ways of obtaining this sword. The f2p way is by killing the General Khazard, which is a mass boss so you won't always be alone when taking him down... 😛 However, if you like to get a bit of a lucky head start you buy store boxes and get one or by opening op keys at the op chest and pray you get one from there also?🤞 First screenshot is the store box rewards and the second screenshot is the op chest rewards which you can find south of ::home Next up we have the hellfire blade, this blade is only obtained from the store box (can see the above screenshot) so if you'd like to get one you may have to either buy the box yourself or spend the value of the blade in tax bags. Just in case you need to know what the current official prices are then check here 🙂 And lastly everyone's favourite melee weapon. The Hellfire Shadow Sword! This item is currently dropped by Angry unicorns which you'll need to find someone who has access to ::vipzone to farm it for you or if someone else who's managed to purchase one from a vip player to sell you it. 😄
    13. Jake

      Update #17

      Lovely stuff big man! - Jake
    14. Jake

      Update #16

    15. Jake

      Update #15

      Noice stuff - Jake
    16. Price Guide (This is not the actual prices of items, it is merely a reference for players to use) Hellfire shadow sword = 160-180k bags Hellfire sword = 110-130k Lit sword = 100-120k Mythical supreme bow = have no idea Molten MG = 110-140k Dragon lava staf = 65-75k New wand (idk name) = 100k Frost staf =100-130k So for melee its bis but not that expensive. Crex part = 10k ea Blackstone vesta = 25k part ea Molten parts = 50k ea dragon age parts 30k ea Op key parts 1.5-3k ea ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About drop rate items Ring for 50% (you can grind em out) 10-15k Boots 50% (wich you upgrade em with ring) 20-30k Paper sack = 30-40k Karmja gloves 50% = 30-50k (only from op chest) Rose gloves 100%= 80-100k Spirit cape 100% (upgradable with paper sack) 100-110k Cape with 125% (option to buy em with tokens) 110-120k Oh and coll neck = 30-40k Coll (i) 50k Oh and boots 100 = 80-100k Bone cape 50= 30-50k -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Infernal virtus 40-60k per part Purplefire 3-8k per part Dark blue 1-3k per part Battlemage 500-1k per part Acid justiciar armor (15dr) = 25-30k ea Abbysal armor (15dr) =4.5k per part Same goes for justicat price is per part Ecto tokens 4ecto= 1 bag Rex pice = 4k ea Hulk pice = 3.5k ea Deffender pice = 3k ea Deffender sword = 5-10k Infernal kitesheild = 5-10k Silver torva = 2k part Iluminati = 1k part Crex scyte and cape = 5k ea Ok range: Molten rank 1 (we already have prices) Ancient sirenic = 15k ea pice (defo need to be buffed) Skyrocket torva = 5-10k ea Vortex armor = 3-8k ea Crimson pernix = 2k ea part* American pernix elite =1k ea Trickster =500 ea American pernix 250 per part ------------------------------------------------------------------- World Totem #1 20k bags World Totem #2 200k World Totem #3 250k ________________________________________ Bonds ---------------------------------------------- 1000$ bonds - 500k bags 500$ bonds - 250k bags 200$ bonds - 100k bags 150$ bonds- 75k bags 100$ bonds- 50k bags 50$ Bonds- 25k bags 25$- 12,500 Bags 10$ - 6,250 5$ bond - 3,000-3,250 This Price Guide is not mine and was asked to post it for 2 players. @addicus and @bloodyface <- Credited users for making this. I will not accept any hatred towards this guide as it is merely just a guide / reference for players to get a rough estimation on their item's value. Regards, Jake
    17. Ranged Armours Just off the bat I'd like to say thanks for viewing this guide. But, I would like to actually say is claim you're referral using ::refer 'Noobs Own' without quote marks you can claim your referral box which will contain American pernix set + golden minigun 5 ckeys and 1000 hand cannon shots for ammo. Thanks. For those who want to farm American pernix. Head over to Vet'ion to get started and that boss is located in the easy boss tab. Next up we have Trickster ranged set which can be found at Defilers in the starter teleport tab or just ::defilers. Elite AM Pernix - Obtained by killing either Harlakk or ::blackstone event. Crimson pernix can be dropped by the ::blackstone or take a shot at upgrading elite AM pernix which Blackstone also drops at the upgrader npc at home. Vortex armour set is dropped by Bal'lak the pummeler. Boss is in the Hard bosses tab. (basically hybrid gear so thought I'd include this for ranged) Skyrocket torva, it may seem like mele armour but it's in-fact ranged! Cheeky 12k ranged attack and alright defence stats pretty good for what it is? Med Boss tab. Now on to our BIS ranged armour set 'Molten kings armour set'. This armour set can be obtained from the lava raid chest at home and by doing the raid you get 1 key per boss which you can either bank or take a shot at getting from the chest piece by piece! Additional ranged set is the Ancient Sirenic set. Obtained via OP Key chest. Currently the armour doesn't have great stats like the Frozen armour set so I'll update the guide when the armour gets buffed. Regards, Jake
    18. Regular virtus set is obtained by killing either 'Tree spirits' or killing the boss 'Nex' Better off just doing tree spirits. Battle-mage set: You can get the set by killing Lexicus Runewright's in the 'Easy bosses' tab. Now we start to crank things up with our 'Dark blue mage outfit' which you can get by killing Dark wizards in the medium boss teleport tab. Purplefire magic set. Obtained by killing the hard boss Dark Purplefire Wyrm. Infernal Virtus set is obtained from killing the 'Event boss' which is in training - mass bosses. Or by doing ::Weirdasfboss Last but not least, our Hellfire Dragon robe set. You can score this as a drop from our mass boss 'Hellfire dragon'. Slay the beast to potentially get the robe top and bottom! OP chest - magic armour. Frozen set. Please do let me know if I've missed any magic armours out. Regards, Jake
    19. Jake

      Update #8

    20. Noticed a few users using the Defender set so I'm including that now my apologies can't edit my post anymore. I'd place this after Hulk. As a + bonus you can buy Abyssal armour pieces for 20k ecto each. Gives 15% drop rate per piece so 45% for the set. You can get the set by killing Ice giants at ::Event.
    21. Melee Armour Tiers: From low-End-game. This is just from pure teleports no box stuff or store stuff. (OP KEYS AND STORE BOXES ETC) Up first from the lowest form of melee armour is Bandos set. You can obtain this set via kill General Graardor in the easy boss tab. Next up is Sparta armour from the Snail teleport in starter section. Talk to Eblis after getting Sphinx tokens to grab your rewards! Purgatory armour set obtained via Mario's in the starter teleport section or ::train. Illumination set - obtained via Glod in the Easy bosses tab. - Mainly a defence armour set but thought I'd include it for those defence stat peeps? 😄 Silver Torva set - Obtained via the Skeletal Horror boss in the Medium bosses tab. The hulk set. You can obtain the hulk set by killing Hulks at the medium bosses tab. mega high defence stats and decent str. (an upgrade imo to Illumination) Rex set - Obtained by killing the Angry Rex's. Decent Attack bonuses, defence bonuses and Str bonus. Crex - High end melee tier armour obtained by first getting the 500 kill count at ::minions or crex minions. Then you can proceed to kill Crex in the Hard boss tab. Once you've obtained a crex set or two, you can take a shot at upgrading the crex body and legs to Blackstone Vesta at the Upgrader npc at ::home by the alters. This set is currently in the process of being buffed so don't be put off by the screenshot below I will swap it out once the Buff for it has arrived. Regards, Jake PS. If I've missed anything out for melee armours do tell.
    22. Lovely stuff Jelly. - Jake