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      Starter Guide

      S T O R Y's Starter guide! You can start by talking to the Mythical guide, he will assign you a task to complete complete to gain american pernix and other various goods. There are four monsters on the starter island: MiniGuy Mario Mystery Box Small Coin Stack Egg! At ::egg there is a alter to bury your bones You can get bones at ::dz by killing Other Worldly Beings! DropRate Island After your done at the mythical Starter island You can head over to drop rate island, which has 3 monsters you can kill to upgrade Your gear as well as get overloads! You can get there by going to the bosses tab and scrolling down to the bottom of easy bosses 🙂 Shaman Skirmish Long-Shot Chest! ::chest is the hub of the server! Here you can, find the 6 main chests in the game! Vote chest - Which you get keys from voting! ::vote Insanely OP chest! - Obtained by either Donating or making the keys with 3 parts. Crystal key chest - Obtained from monsters Red key - Obtained by Completing the S.W.A.T minigame! Raid1 Chest - obtained from completing raid1 ::raid1 S.W.A.T Chest - Obtained from raid2 ::raid2 Also in the chest area there is a guy named "Item Upgrader" He will upgrade many items! Everything has a percent chance to upgrade and will cost a certain amount of Money. Reaserch table and the Item Recycler! In the same location's as the chest's ::chest, you can recycle items as well as research new gear, weapons and keys! Remember if you have any question's! feel free to ask us! You can find access to our discord at ::discord in game! Thanks for taking time to read through the starter guide
    2. s t o r y1

      Update #39

      Great update connor! Keep up the good work cutie!
    3. s t o r y1

      Update #38

      Great update connor, keep them coming! Much love
    4. s t o r y1

      Update #37

      Aweome updates man, keep up the good work!