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    Update #137

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    Connor    78

    Update #137
    Donation Raffle

    Each Sunday at 1900 a raffle will be drawn with the winner gaining whatever the reward was for that week. 

    You can gain tickets by donating $10, you will get 1 ticket per $10. This won't physically be added to your account, but added to a server log so your entry counts.


    Typically Owner Cape isn't drawn as a raffle reward, but for it's launch it will be, so good luck!



    Giant Ent

    Once a floruishing tree of true magnetude, is now an angry and evil tree searching for a way to restore it's leafs. Unfortunately that has meant that many innocent people have been killed by the Ent as it thrashes terror through the world. 


    HP: 50M
    Weakness: Ranged (Extremely high defence against melee/magic)

    Rare Drops:

    Empowered Stone (Used to create the new Carnage Potion),
    Off-hand Summer Fishing Rod,
    10 x Clue Scroll Stack,
    $50 Bond.



    • Carnage potion has been added to Research Table.
    • BMT will no longer send multiple announcement lines when it opens.
    • Crex is no longer a multi zone.
    • All Crex related requirements have been reduced by 75% to reflect them no longer being multi.
    • Fixed a typo in an achievement completion text.
    • Donator ranks no longer override Ironman icons in clan chat.
    • Fixed a bug causing players with aggression totem to keep teleporting back to DPS Dummy.
    • Group Ironman accounts will no longer be mule blocked.
    • Gigantic Tax Bag drops should no longer prevent you picking them up.
    • Barrows can now be sold to the tax bag store in noted form.
    • Money Boi now attacks/heals faster.
    • Reborn King will now enter a state of enrage until all minions are killed.
    • Hellfire dragon will now always drop bones or logs.
    • Hellfire dragon now drops 5 Tax Bags instead of 1M coins.
    • Updated command list to correctly reflect ::changepassword.
    • BMT shop can now be accessed at all times, but it still remains you cannot sell items to him outside trading hours.
    • Ring of Health is no longer stackable.
    • Armour stat viewer has been updated to reflect Champion gear changes.
    • BYHO (U) & (Virus) have had a stat buff.

    If your client does not say Update #137 at the top, please REBOOT it.

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