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    Update #144

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    Connor    78

    Update #144
    Xmas Store Box

    One of the best boxes ever!

    20 x Go Big or Go Home Boxes,
    500 x Limited Key Tokens,
    1,000 x Limited Key Tokens,

    Ice Dye - Can be used on T7 & Elite weapons. Can also be used on Superior Armour. (Each item dyed & worn will provide +2% damage - single use)
    Frozen Necklace - +15k stats & doubles Ice Dye effect if worn together.
    Santa's Present Sack - +20% XP, +10% Black Market Dollars, +10% Smuggler Reputation & x2 Enchanted Materials.
    Bad Santa Pet - Increases damage by 10%, +5% AOE damage & banks Santa's Gift perk rewards.
    Spicy Eggnog - Increases AOE damage by 10% for 1 hour, 1 hour cooldown.
    Hailstorm Trinket - Arrow slot item that deals up to 5% of targets HP providing they don't move once it procs.
    Frozen Shovel - Doubles seasonal afk activity resources.
    Krampus Santa Hat - Best In Slot Melee/Ranged stats.
    Lucky Reindeer Hat - +10% drop rate bonus & Santa's Gift perk procs 10% more often.
    Gathers Rod Perk - Upgrades Telekinetic Rod perk so it works whilst skilling gathering skills, as well as PvM.
    Pocket Pouch (Xmas 2022) - Provides +3 slots to the Pocket Pouch

    Those with customs sets can trade me 3 x Ice Dye to have your set updated to gain the damage effect.


    Drugs Lab Expansion

    You can now refine/enchant seasonal afk activity resources at the Drugs Lab.

    This will give you access to a whole new shop full of awesome rewards!

    Be careful not to get caught as you will lose ALL of your materials, bank wisely!


    Cent Boi Enchantment (Can now generate approximately 25x more Tax Bags - cannot be combined with mini-me pet)
    Epic Banker Perk (Allows you to open the Bank interface whilst in combat)
    Little Love Aura Enhancement (Increases the HP to +400, but makes the Aura untradeable)
    Afk Perk (Increases afk activity yields by 25%)
    Drop Rate Cap Enhancer (Increases the Drop Rate Cap Perk by a further 10%)



    Crazy Snowman (Xmas Boss)

    He's back, but this time he has 3 minions which you must kill!

    You will need a Snowman Spawner to spawn him, they're obtained from the Snowball store. They are single use this year, however the drop rates are more generous.

    Possible Loot

    RS3 Black Santa Hat,
    30 minutes double drops scroll (can stack up to 2.5 hours),
    $25 Bond,
    Snowman Head (5% drop rate bonus),
    Frost Staff,
    Xmas Pudding Wand,
    Xmas Pudding Wand Upgrader,
    Ice Sword,
    Festive Aura (10% drop rate bonus),
    Icy Santa Hat (+15/150 HP),
    Full Santa outfit








    • A large amount of Discord integration for staff has been completed.
    • Fixed World Bonus rolling a nulled event.
    • Fixed EMB/OCP World Bonus.
    • Double AFK Tokens World Bonus has been changed to Double Farming Herb Yield.
    • Corrected Snowball teleport text.
    • Global Buff Books are now untradeable.
    • Completionist type capes now correctly require all 99s.
    • Mostly all pets have had their pick-up & talk-to options removed. You can now use the pick-up option in the familiar tab.
    • Succubus tax bag value has been reduced.
    • Bank interface will no longer stay open during combat without the perk.
    • Lucky Quiver has been renamed to Lucky Trinket.
    • Reduced the Cache size by approximately 10mb.
    • Previous cache's will now automatically be deleted every update.
    • Updated a client message regarding being banned.
    • BMT will now only require a single Sea Troll Hat.
    • Molten King Helmet no longer bobbles.
    • Guardian Cloak T7 (t) has an updated model.
    • Mythical Cloak (T6) is no longer tradeable as it has Completionist cape within it.
    • Support can now hide pets during events.
    • Moderators now have full CC rights in all clan chats.
    • Elite Bosses now require a Prestige level of 3 to access, unless you're a Heroic account which then requires level 1. UIM are excempt from this requirement.
    • Double Drop Scrolls donation amount has been corrected.
    • Shattered Icicle no longer counts down in chat.
    • OP Chest reward messages will no longer display in-game.
    • Spookie Crate items have been split between the SDK machines.
    • Corrected Raider Aura's name on POS.
    • It is no longer possible to reroll the same reward on SDK machines.
    • Vader models have been updated.

    If your client does not say Update #144 at the top, please REBOOT it.

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