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    Update #145

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    Connor    78

    Update #145
    New Crazy Snowman Rewards

    Weed Box - Automatically stores up to 250 Illegal Weed at the Drugs Lab.
    Scrooge Perk Buffer - Increases the Scrooge Perk activation chance to 5%.
    Winter Fishing Rod - Randomly generates loot whilst worn.







    • Vader Cloak has been updated based on feedback.
    • Fixed Moderator clan chat options.
    • Client deleting old cache has been reintroduced. Please report any bugs/crashes.
    • Thanos will automatically remove your pet if you take one in to the fight.
    • Solak Jr no longer has clickable options.
    • Lil Lamb no longer has clickable options.
    • Corrected Maple Seeds model.
    • Changed Slim Boy (t7) examine.
    • Fixed Enchanting Snowballs requiring too many Snowballs.
    • Fixed Shattered Icicle spamming chat and not reducing timer.
    • Fixed Epic Banker perk not working correctly.
    • Corrected 4% Drop Rate Booster perk on the interface.
    • Added ::ranger for faster teleporting to Raging Ranger.
    • Updated Completionist Cape stand to show requirement of level 99 stats.
    • EMB/OCP spawning now states the remaining cost to spawn.
    • Reduced Collectors Necklace vote point cost to 10.
    • Smuggled Egg can now be used with the Pocket Pouch.
    • Daily Reward has been updated to be Snowballs.
    • Regular Donator has had its 1% d/r bonus removed.
    • Other Donator ranks drop rate bonus has been corrected in line with ::benefits as it seemed some were getting more than they should.
    • Platinum now gets an 8% drop rate bonus.
    • Teleport location at Money Boi has been slightly moved.
    • Added Examine option to the bank.
    • Ice Dyed weapons now have particle effects.

    If your client does not say Update #145 at the top, please REBOOT it.

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