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    Update #147

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    Connor    78

    Update #147

    Rewind Box 2.0

    What a year 2022 has been!

    It's time to rewind and open up this box for some of the best limited editions loots from previous boxes!

    Box Contents:

    Aura Pouch,
    Grinch Sled,
    Spring Gloves,
    Spring Cleaner Perk,
    Omicron Title,
    Naughty Aura,
    Maxed Melee Perk,
    Maxed Ranged Perk,
    Maxed Mage Perk,
    Spookie Perk,
    4ever Alone Title,
    Poisonous Stew,
    Egg of Loots,
    Smuggled Egg,
    Refreshining Drink,
    Clue Finder Aura,
    Weapon Splitter,
    15 x Go Big or Go Home Boxes,
    500 x Limited Key Tokens,
    1,000 x Limited Key Tokens.



    Platinum Zone Revamp:

    As we begin to rework donator zones, we start with this one. The changes are outlined below..


    • Instanced areas have been removed.
    • 2 new zones can be accessed via the energy barrier for all mobs.
    • The main building has had its walls removed and is now a big area containing 3 Angry Unicorns.
    • Blocked off some area near Money Boi.

    More zones will be reworked with the plan for them to all connect as one big city, working backwards so SPZ will be next.


    • Corrected pets interface perk for Master Task pet.
    • Fixed World Bonus not giving any perk.
    • $50 Scratch Cards now only require 10,000 Tax Bags during creation.
    • $50 Scratch Card rare chance is now 25% more likely.
    • Removed a large amount of mobs spawning in the same area which could be contributing to the nulled mobs.
    • All custom sets drop rate bonus now matches that of superior.
    • Custom set orders completed.
    • BMT giving too many of one item has now been fixed.
    • Cupids Quiver now also gives 5% drop rate bonus.
    • Fishing Rods first click option is now to wear it.
    • Removed the Inspect option from Afk Tree Tokens.
    • Cold Bond has now replaced the Warm Bond daily reward.
    • $50 Scratch Card loot now updates the Discord achievements channel.
    • Added a counter for each type of Scratch Card to their collection log.

    If your client does not say Update #147 at the top, please REBOOT it.

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