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    Update #149

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    Connor    78

    Update #149

    Ranged Combat Changes

    It's taken a while but we do believe we have now resolved the issue that caused Ranged to lack much more than that of other styles.

    You should now see it compete on a level playing field.


    Custom Minigame Changes

    The lonely red portal at ::egg has forever been ignored because it's pointless. Until now! We've tried to give it a bit of life mainly as a new player money maker.


    Saguine Ornament Kit can now be obtained which can be used to give the Scythe of Vitur a cosmetic look.
    All Infernal Capes, except the regular one now sell for 850 Tax Bags.
    Cow Cape now sells for 85 Tax Bags.
    Myth Pernix & Pegasian Boots (elite) now sell for 1,020 Tax Bags.
    Pet Custom Olm now sells for 21,250 Tax Bags.
    Removed the Ultra Donation Box as it's useless.
    Significantly reduced Infernal Wizards max hit.
    The key drop rates have been significantly buffed.
    Reduced the amount of KC needed in the final room.



    • Superior Task Master Shield's passive damage effect has been increased significantly.
    • Improved Tax Bag values for Hellfire Dragon's rare loot.
    • Significantly improved the chances of obtaining the 300K Tax Bags from Gigantic Tax Bag Boss.
    • Removed $50 Bond from Gigantic Tax Bag Boss.
    • Item IDs are no longer displayed when viewing items in your bank.
    • Syringe type weapons can now be used with cosmetic override kits.
    • Mutated Orbs are no longer stackable.
    • Fixed a bug meaning you couldn't create Sponsored Boots/Gloves unless Mutated Orbs were stacked.
    • BMT will now only ask for 1 item if it's worth more than 1000 Dollars.
    • Added additional security to Discord/Server integration.
    • Removed @here in the Discord beast mode message.
    • World Bonuses now occur every 2 hours.
    • World Bonuses now announce in the in-game events channel on Discord.
    • When dying you will now respawn with your full HP, including boosts.
    • Updated Well of Goodwill dialogue.
    • Corrected Defilers slayer teleport.
    • Shadow Dye has been made slightly more common to obtain.
    • Picking up pets no longer brings up a confirmation.
    • Fixed Sponsor Model animations.
    • Thanos Gauntlet (broken) now sells for 1.7M Tax Bags.
    • Sponsored Chestplate model has been fixed.
    • The Sponsor's bond drop rate has been slightly nerfed.
    • The Sponsor's loot cap has been increased to 8 people from 5.
    • The Sponsor's damage cap has been removed.
    • The Sponsor's Hitpoints have been increased to 200,000,000.
    • The Sponsor's Defence against Magic should now be more visable.
    • Stronghold Raid Chest will now display your chance at obtaining a rare.
    • Sponsored Body/Legs can now be worn with Connor's Fantasy Hat to stack the luck bonuses from both.

    If your client does not say Update #149 at the top, please REBOOT it.

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