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    Update #150

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    Connor    78

    Update #150

    Battle Pass

    I'm sure you all know what a Battle Pass is, we have finally jumped on the trend after the poll was clearly in favour.

    Each tier will have a different task which is the same for everyone. So in total you will complete 20 tasks to unlock all loot.

    Battle Pass Premium can be purchased on store or by right click credits in-game.

    Season Ends: 27th April



    Lucky Perk

    A new perk has been added to ::store which will provide a permanent +10% Luck Bonus which stacks with everything.



    Task Master Shield Changes

    After feedback, it's clear the current passive just does not live up to how hard these shields are to obtain.

    The shield will now have a 10% chance to deliver two hits which are both up to 100% of your last hit, meaning you could hit up to 300% damage in a single attack. You will also take up to 1,000 damage, so ensure you keep your HP up!


    • Sandals can now be upgraded to (u) by right clicking upgrade on Sandals.
    • Fixed World Bonus not giving the full raid points bonus.
    • The BMT giving out items of higher amounts than it should is now finally fixed.
    • A bug that allowed custom titles to be more OP than expected has been fixed.
    • Mutant Warriors/Archers now instantly respawn.
    • The amount Mutant Warriors/Archers drop has been doubled.
    • BMT not opening at 2200 has been fixed.
    • Fire Cape can now be sold to the Tax Bag store.

    If your client does not say Update #150 at the top, please REBOOT it.

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