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    Update #152

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    Connor    78

    Update #152

    Quality of Life Update


    Player Owned Shops:

    When opening POS it will no longer list shops alphabetically, but instead shuffle them every time. The same also applies when searching for an item, however it will still inform you where the cheapest item is.



    Damage Calculations:

    Damage no longer caps out causing negative results. This directly impacts the DPS dummy & bosses that have hit caps.

    Due to this, we have reset the DPS Dummy leaderboards.



    • Rogue Penguins prayer drain now effects all players.
    • Improved staff's banning methods to deal with spammers when not online.
    • Updated relevant custom armours.
    • Completed all outstanding custom titles.
    • Empowered Quiver now works correctly in combat.
    • Fixed titles not working for a couple of players.
    • Rogue Penguin's combat script now works correctly.
    • Anti-Vax shield bonus has been fixed.
    • Corrected slayer teleport location for Mental Case task.
    • Vader Sabre has been removed from Superior Chests.
    • Fixed Global Buff book not going into WAB's collection log.
    • Made Global Book rarer from WAB.
    • Drop Rate cap enhancers should now stack correctly.
    • Removed some left click options on pets.
    • Wings of Experience now stack with auras.
    • Magic Damage with pets should now be more evident.
    • Increased Thanos's attack speed by 1 tick.
    • Thanos's minions should now spawn at 5M HP.
    • Increased Lucky Trinket's drop rate bonus to 7%.
    • Pot Timers should now be easier to see.
    • Typing any command when your account is pin locked will now cause the box to popup.
    • Reduced Mystic Boi (elite) spell requirement to level 85 magic.
    • Raging Codex examine has been updated to explain what the perk does.
    • Bad Santa pet has been added to the pet interface.
    • OP key parts from Raids has been doubled.
    • ::maxhit has been removed.
    • SWAT in Drugs Lab now spawn in a new location.
    • Non Platinum users should no longer be able to utilise the chest perk at Money Boi.
    • Infinite Overload Stability can now be sold correctly.
    • 4ever alone title effect no longer works on Thanos.
    • Insanely OP Keys can no longer be recycled.
    • Limited Key Tokens now come in 1 & 2 amounts. Old tokens which you will have can be exchanged by clicking them.

    If your client does not say Update #152 at the top, please REBOOT it.

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