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    Update #153

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    Connor    78

    Update #153

    Achievements Update

    Mostly all achievements rewards have been updated to be worth doing.
    Some more interesting elite tier tasks have been added.
    Accounts with alt/mule block can no longer complete achievements.
    MythicalPS Point store has been updated.
    A new achievement cape can now be obtained once all achievements have been completed.

    Originally it was decided NPC TASKS would merge with Achievements, however I have decided this isn't really needed and would only make Completionist cape extremely hard to obtain.


    Achievement Master Cape:

    This cape can be worn by those that have completed every Achievement. You can claim your own by right clicking the Completionist Cape Stand.

    If you have an Owner Cape, then don't fear! You can right click the Achievement Cape to merge for a cost of 5M Bags which will mean your Achievement Cape benfits now work with any Owner Cape.


    +10% Experience,
    +5% Drop Rate Bonus,
    +1% Luck.




    • Sandals (u) model has been updated.
    • Research Table model has been updated.
    • Fixed a bug that meant prestiging would mean you could wear your Completionist Cape without all Achievements completed.
    • Reduced amount of MythicalPS points that warriors give to 1.
    • Insanely OP Keys can now be recycled for 200 each.
    • Reverted prayer timer colour back to white.
    • World Bonus should no longer be empty.
    • The Auto Seller 3000 is now tradeable.
    • Completed Mini-Me & Title orders.
    • Gilded Armour has been added to the Recycle Centre.

    If your client does not say Update #153 at the top, please REBOOT it.

    Sorry the update is slightly smaller, as most of you know we've had a household of sickness.

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