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    Update #160

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    Connor    78

    Update #160

    Sunny Loot Box

    Grab one of these bad boys from store to get some unique loot! The price has even been reduced, allowing you to get more bang for your buck!

    1 x Limited Key Token
    2 x Limited Key Tokens
    10 x Go Big or Go Home Boxes
    5 x Store Mystery Boxes

    Slushee Perk - Doubles the Frostbite damage & provides an extra 2% when Ice Dye is used.
    Health Regeneration Aura - Healing gives 10% more & increase max HP by +100.
    Secret Admirer Title - Provides everyone around you with +100HP.
    Mini Slave Pet - 20% chance when opening Clue Caskets the Casket will be saved (stacks with Clue Retainer Emblem).
    Berserker Trinket - 5% Drop Rate Bonus, 1% Luck & 5% extra melee damage.
    Wings of Experience - +45% experience bonus.
    Experienced Ground Aura - +25% experience bonus.
    Shadow Amulet - Whilst worn it doubles the effects of Shadow Dye.


    Psycho Mystery Box Boss

    For limited time, hes back!

    Take him down at ::sb

    Possible Rare Rewards:

    Summer Fishing Rod,
    Go Big or Go Home Boxes,
    Aura of the Gods,
    Psycho Box Pet Token,
    Psycho Title Unlock.
    Smuggler Reroll Tokens,
    Increased Raids Rare Chance Tokens,


    • Inactive Aura has been added to the donation store.
    • Gigantic Tax Bag boss BP task now rewards the MVP with XP too.
    • Corrected the text after redeeming Battle Pass via credits.
    • Fixed Ice Dye effect not working on Digimon weapons.
    • Fixed Shadow Dye effect not working on Digimon weapons.
    • Max Xp Lamps now give 1.2B XP to heroic instead of 18M.
    • SDK machines have been updated.

    Your client should be on Update #160

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