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    Update #161

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    Connor    78

    Update #161

    Global Boss Changes

    Solak now spawns every 6 hours from 0000
    Seatroll Queen now spawns every 6 hours from 0200
    Goku now spawns every 6 hours from 0400

    Solak no longer drops the Seasonal Key (p1)
    Goku no longer drops infinite prayer scroll extension

    New staff spawned bosses will be added in due time.


    Other Integrity Changes

    Seasonal Donation Key (part 1) is now in the Raid Point Store.
    Seasonal Donation Key store price has been reduced to $45.
    Irish Coin no longer rewards the Seasonal Donation Key.
    Irish Coin now rewards the Prayer Extension Scroll.
    Sandals (u) now have the Mutant Boots effects.
    Raid 4 damage caps has been increased to 200,000.
    All Raids drop rate has been buffed by 25%.
    Snap Perk should no longer be blocked.
    Mule system has been temporarily disabled. However abuse of this will result in a PC/IP ban.
    A bunch of announcements have been removed.
    DPS Dummy HP has been doubled.


    • Sunny Loot Box items no longer stack
    • Fixed Berserker Trinket drop rate bonus
    • Fixed an undisclosed bug
    • Staff can now hand out referral scrolls
    • Staff can now use a command to send starter packers to all players who for any reasond didn't get one.
    • Dropping items from your inventory will now show to everyone after around 30 seconds and be removed from the game 60 seconds later. (This does NOT apply to boss drops etc).
    • Updated a players zone.
    • Corrected Mini Slave pet token examine.
    • Gigantic Tax Bag HP has been increased.
    • Tome can now be used with cosmetic overrides.
    • Hyogamon loot table can now be seen on the teleport screen.

    Your client should still be on Update #160

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