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    Update #166

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    Connor    78

    Update #166

    H'ween Loot Sack

    The latest limited edition box is here! This one will NOT be added to SDK after, so these items are truly limited!

    Check out ::Store to grab a box!

    Possible Rewards:

    Potion'o'Experience (+50% experience to you and everyone around you for 30 minutes)
    Dark Protein Shake (+5% damage for 10 minutes, no cooldown)
    Elitist Perk (+20% damage against all Elite Tier Bosses - counts as additional hit so avoids cap)
    Seasoned Thief Perk (10% chance that SDK is saved when opening the machine)
    Deathly Drop Rate Perk (Increases Drop Rate cap to 150% if perk & enhancer are already obtained)
    Death Gem (inactive) (Combined with P2W Amulet (i) & P2W (elite) to combine their effects into your arrow slot) - inactive version can still give a stat buff.
    Corrupted Market Dollar (Reduces Back Market prices by 20%)
    Reapers Key (When in your inventory, shadow dye affect gains 50%)
    Amulet of Ween (+8K stats, +150HP & +5% drop rate bonus)

    15 x Go Big or Go Home Boxes
    5 x Store Mystery Boxes
    2 x Limited Key Tokens


    Battle Pass Changes

    Healthy DPS (exclusive perk) has been added to the pass.
    (+2% damage for every 100HP above 1,000 (capped at 20%)

    Xmas Loot Box (2022) has been moved into the F2P tiers.

    Perk Tablet has been added to the pass.




    • Fixed some perks not displaying info on the perk interface.
    • Your maximum drop rate % cap now displays in the quest tab.

    Your client should be on Update #166

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