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    Update #176

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    Connor    78

    Update #176

    AFK Activity

    As the snow melts, it uncovers rare gold which hasn't been seen since 2021!

    Around home you will find rare gold statues which you can harvest whilst afk for some exclusive rewards!


    Tax Bags,
    Warm Bonds,
    Mythical Old Mans Head (7% drop rate bonus),
    Random Chest Key Box,
    Skipper Relic (skips first 5 Thanos waves)

    Random Chest Key Box rates are as follows...

    Crystal Key - 32.89%
    OP Key - 19.74%
    Red Key - 32.89%
    Big Red Key - 13.42%
    Seasonal Donation Key 1.05%


    Fusion Rewards Expansion

    Relic of Experience (10% additional experience)
    Relic Resetter (Clears the current power allowing you to set a new power)


    New Store Update

    Some additional items have been added to ::store

    Lucky Relic (5% extra Luck bonus)
    Salvaged Relic (5% chance to obtain an extra Salvage)



    What are Relics?

    Relics can be used on the Mythical Egg to give you a buff until reset, only one Relic can be used per day, unless a resetter is used. The relics do NOT get consumed.



    • Added AFK Salvage Type which is obtained from Rare Gold Bars & AFK Tree Tokens.
    • Added "Relic Power" option to Mythical Egg.
    • Removed Recycled Coins from obtainable methods.
    • Beastmode will no longer proc for those in the Wilderness.
    • 2024 glasses can no longer be obtained.

    Your client should be on Update #176

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