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    Update #177

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    Connor    78

    Update #177

    Mythic Rank Zone

    In the depths of Zanaris those with Mythical Rank will be allowed access to this once forgotten city with ::mz.

    Zone Benefits;

    All experience inside the zone is +25%.
    Seasonal Afk Spot (allows for a second account to collect materials).
    Access to (Connor the Mythical God) elite boss.
    Using Item Dissembler in this zone has a 1% chance for the item not to be consumed.
    Large amount of skilling objects.
    Based on current player feedback, this zone will not contain any of the current AOE bosses and instead future AOE bosses will be added.


    Connor the Mythical God (Elite Boss)


    Mythic Rank
    20 Thanos Kills


    HP: 750,000,000
    Max Hit: Insta Kill

    This boss is truly the biggest challenge yet with 2 phases! First phase will consist of auto-attacks, 2 separate minion spawns & a final special attack where you must remove your weapon else the boss will use your own weapons on yourself and instantly kill you. The second phase will consist of 3 different attacks on top of the auto-attacks. A destroying spin attack that will ruins those close and those who seek to stay out the way will have their soulsplit disabled multiple times, pay attention! Don't forget the bleed attacks and the last 20% of HP will see fireballs rain from the sky causing high damage and bleed attacks if you don't keep moving!

    Drops (all uniques are untradeable):

    Common drops are packed with salvageable loot!

    Ground Aura Pouch (broken) - Once fixed you can store 2 Ground Auras inside to benefit from both
    Damaged Chest - Contains a variety of redistributed SDK items, once repaired
    Mythic God (Title) - 2% extra Luck bonus
    Connor's Gem - Used as a research material



    • Increased rates event has now ended.
    • All F2P Relics are now untradeable.
    • A bunch of "junk" bosses have been removed from the boss interface, they are still accessible via slayer.
    • Crex teleport will now move you to minions if you don't have the required KC.
    • Digimon Parts are now untradeable.
    • Rare Gold Bars are now tradeable.
    • Empowered Quiver (broken) now only loses the salvage when it fails, the quiver is safe.
    • Fixed Salvage not calculating quantity correctly.
    • Fixed a bug causing multiple portable item dismantler's being rewarded.
    • Item Dismantler will now only salvage 28 items per click.
    • SDK Free Pick from Giant Ent has been made a rarer drop.
    • Completed outstanding custom set & mini-me's.
    • Fixed Skipper Relic not working correctly.

    Your client should be on Update #177

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