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    Update #178

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    Connor    78

    Update #178

    Crate of Love

    For limited time only, get your hands on the box of love on ::Store!

    Based on feedback we have changed the way these boxes work. So they will be much cheaper in store, however the chances of a unique will be rarer.

    Possible Loot;

    Cupid's Relic (+250 HP)
    Cupid's Quiver Expansion (+1 empowered quiver slot)
    Light Aggression Totem (Makes mobs around you aggressive)
    Drop Crazy Perk (10% chance when consuming a double drop scroll it will save the scroll)
    Berserker Trinket (5% d/r bonus, 1% luck bonus & 5% extra melee damage)
    Inactive Power Gemstone (Combined with the 3 CS gemstones to give an extra AOE boost)
    Upgrader Totem (+50% chance to successfully upgrade the item)
    10 x Go Big or Go Home Boxes
    1 x Limited Key tokens


    • Salvage common/afk rates have been made more generous. Those are now 75% and 85% boostable to 85% and 95% respectively.
    • Added Connor the Mythic God collection log.
    • Mythic Boss magic attack has been changed to a ranged attack which now does 2x damage hits.
    • Mythic Boss melee attacks in phase 2 now do 2x damage hits
    • Mythic Boss maximum standard hit has been increased to 800 (1.6k on phase 2).
    • Fixed Mythic God bleed not removing after death.
    • Mythic God Bleed damage has been increased to 300.
    • If someone dies to Mythic God he will now heal to full and reset to phase 1.
    • Damaged Chest loot now has the correct tax bag value & now has Epic Salvage value.
    • Cleared up the map at Mythic God.
    • Mythic God kill requirement is now 50 Thanos kills.
    • Mythic God now requires a 50,000 fee per day to access.
    • Seasonal Donation Key Rerolls will no longer be announced due to spam.
    • Fixed objects within ::mz not working.
    • Ground Aura Pouch now correctly gives the GA's stats.
    • Removed Warmongers Collection Log.
    • Coldsnap perk has been fixed for some players custom sets, if yours isn't working PM me on discord.

    Your client should be on Update #178

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