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    Update #179

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    Connor    78

    Update #179

    Battle Pass (Season 4)!

    It's here, season 4 has arrived!

    The intention with this BP is that it will last longer, so the final rewards will feel more worth the time.

    You can grab Premium on ::Store!




    Perk Tree Expansion

    For a while now, people have asked for the gap between 2.5 and 5k to be filled, so here it is.



    • Updated ::boxloots to show Crate of Love.
    • Store Credit Token shop updated to contain Crate of Love.
    • Fixed some models not animating correctly.
    • Completed Mini-Me requests.
    • Complete Title requests.
    • Fixed a bug with someone mini-me pet giving too much D/R bonus.
    • Crystal Key loot can now be salvaged at a 90% failure rate.
    • Mystery Box loot can now be salvaged at a 90% failure rate.

    Fixes from previous update;

    • Fixed Empowered Quiver not calculating spots properly.
    • Fixed Drop Cazy perk not being redeemable.
    • Mythic God bleed affect removing after death should now be fixed.
    • Salvage rates were not read correctly by myself so the correct rates are now updated as;
    • 65% & 55% respective for common/afk failure chance and 65% & 75% other common failure chance

    Your client should be on Update #179

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