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    Update #181

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    Connor    78

    Update #181

    Easter Scratch Card


    For limited time only!

    Grab the Scratch Card from store to try you luck at some rewards! Scratch away for just a buck!

    Easter Boss also has a rare chance to drop these Scratch Cards as an additional drop.

    Reward Table:


    Cosmetic Override Kit
    Store Mystery Box


    Limited Key Token
    Spring Cleaner Perk (automatically banks effigy/lamps from chests)
    Egg of Loots (3% chance to save casket when opening)


    Vote Boss

    Introducing... Professor Oddenstein!

    The inventor of the Vote Chest will spawn in the home area every 150 votes alongside Beast Mode & everyone gets loot!

    Don't take him for a fool, he's pretty smart! He's invented a shield so he can only be damaged for 50,000 per hit & attacks everyone with Ranged.


    Vote Key (Common)
    Lucky Clue Scroll Casket (Uncommon)
    Store Mystery Box (Uncommon)
    BMT Required Item reset (Uncommon)
    Smuggler Daily Contribution reset (Uncommon)
    Go Big or Go Home Box (Uncommon)
    Big Red Key (Uncommon)
    $10 Store Credit (Untradeable) (Rare)

    Connor the Mythic God Drops:

    Having followed feedback it is clear that the lack of tradeable drops is impacting players killing the boss.

    Ground Aura Pouch (broken) is now tradeable.
    Connor's Gem is now tradeable.



    • Fixed Skele's mini-me pet.
    • Added Mini-Elementalist.
    • Common Salvage text from the Salvage Bag now has a black shadow for ease of reading.
    • Removed fix option from Ground Aura Pouch (broken).
    • Fixed ::sb teleport location.
    • Fixed Battlepass giving wrong reward for 175k f2p task.
    • Made some pricing changes to common salvage store.
    • Elf Armour ticket has been removed from store.


    Your client should be on Update #181

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