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    Update #182

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    Connor    78

    Update #182

    Best of 2023 Crate


    For VERY, VERY limited time only get access to an exclusive crate

    Possible Loot

    2 x Limited Key Tokens
    3 x Ice dyes
    Dark Protein Shake
    Deathly Drop rate Perk
    Death Gem (inactive)
    Reapers key
    Shadow amulet
    Elite Raider Perk
    Slushee Perk
    Dig Deep



    • Untradeable $10 tokens will no longer state you have gained raffle entries.
    • Removed Easter Pocket Pouch from SDK machine.
    • You can no longer spawn pets at the Hyogamon boss.
    • Completed player custom pets.
    • Complete player custom titles.
    • Corrected Spring Gloves examine text to reflect Salvage buff.
    • Corrected examine text of the Skipper Relic.
    • Lil bit o Luck can now be stored within the Pocket Pouch.
    • Given it's limited obtainable timeframe, the Skipper Relic is now tradeable.
    • Challenges within Dungeoneering now require the boss to be killed to be completed.
    • Fixed a model on the "Gerbar's Helmet".
    • Easter Scratch Card rates fixed (This was done in a reboot some days ago).


    Your client should be on Update #182

    Apologies the update is slightly small, my family haven't been well, so I'll make sure a big update comes soon!

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