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    Update #183

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    Connor    78

    Update #183

    Box of Goodies!


    For limited time grab a box of goodies from store or via store credits!

    What's inside?

    One random item from the below...

    2 x Limited Key Tokens,
    Easter Ground Aura,
    Diseased Aura,
    Plan B,
    Frozen Shovel,
    Infected Hands,
    Double Lover Perk,
    Offhand Rainbow Giving Flowers,
    Rocket Launcher,
    Spring Gloves.



    Collection Log Teleport

    Collection Log now has a teleport option for ease of grinding!




    Wealth Tax Bag Zone


    Exclusive for newer players, this zone offers a way to get some cash fast!

    If you complete the full 5k kills your have accumulated around 100K bags & also you will unlock the Aggressive Prayer Visage which is an untradeable item. It allows you to have 1 hour per day unlimited prayer & mob aggression.


    Must have less than 5 days playtime
    No alts can access this zone
    Once you hit 5,000 kills you can no longer visit the zone.


    Salvage Addition

    SDK salvage is now it's own entity and as such as it's own SDK Salvage Store.



    • Fixed some player title/pet reports.
    • Staff can now see new players joining via Discord.
    • Store Credit stores have been updated with all stock.


    Your client should be on Update #183

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