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    Update #185

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    Connor    78

    Update #185

    We are aware there is currently an issue where the client black screens after downloading the cache, just reboot it. You MUST redownload the client today or it won't update.

    Weekly Donation Buff


    Introducing a new weekly buff you can obtain from ::Store for just $10!

    Once activated you will gain the following passive buffs for exactly 1 week until it expires.


    +5% Drop Rate Bonus,
    +2% Luck Bonus
    +10% Experience,
    +5% Damage,
    +10% Boss Points,
    +10% Raids Points


    Challenge Scrol

    Grab yourself a challenge scroll and see what juicy loot you can obtain! In order to gain progress on these scrolls you have to do the most damage, massing will not work. You must have the scroll in your inventory to progress.

    Challenge Scrolls can be obtained from the following;

    Bond Points Store,
    Raids Points Store,
    Global Bosses,
    Thanos's Challenge.

    Possible Loot 


    If you don't roll a rare your roll the common table 3 times


    • Gluttony (ability) has been moved to the AFK Rock Exchange.
    • Smuggler Weapons now salvage for Epic Salvage.
    • Supreme Mystery Box loot now salvages for Common Salvage.
    • Fixed the Seasonal AFK Booster not working correctly.
    • Items from the AFK Rock store are now untradeable, however the resource itself remains tradeable.
    • Moderator's can now see POS history including Username to deal with those trying to manipulate prices.
    • Fixed an issue causing some players to blackscreen when updating.
    • Sharpshooter perk drop rate has been nerfed.
    • New players can now unlock the aggressive prayer visage after 500 kills rather than 5,000.
    • Fixed an issue causing some interface backgrounds to not load.
    • Vax Shield should now be working correctly.


    Your client should be on Update #185

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