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    Update #186

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    Connor    78

    Update #186

    We are aware there is currently an issue where the client black screens after downloading the cache, just reboot it. You MUST redownload the client today or it won't update.

    Increased Rates Event is now live!



    Super Duper Limited Package!


    Grab a Super Duper Limited Package from ::store now before it's discontinued!

    Possible loot;


    Clue Massacre perk - 20% chance when opening clues you will obtain an extra crate.
    Rich Boi perk - Reduces the cost of Rich Mans Store by 10%.
    Credit Card perk - 5% chance to save a $10 store credit when being used in the store. (This is 5% per $10 credit, so a 20 credit purchase will guarantee a credit refund).
    Magicans Rune - When activated you will gain an additional Magic Hit for 30 minutes with a 2 hour cooldown.
    Archers Rune - When activated you will gain an additional Ranged Hit for 30 minutes with a 2 hour cooldown.
    Brutes Rune - When activated you will gain an additional Melee Hit for 30 minutes with a 2 hour cooldown.
    Hit Cap Enhancer perk - Increases all hit caps by 10%.
    Group Saver perk - 10% chance to not consume money when spawning EMB/OCP.
    Lucky Pickaxe - Best pickaxe, 5% additional experience & 50% chance to double AFK Rock.
    Death Dealer Gem - Combined with all 3 Sponsored Gauntlets & Stronghold Gauntlets to make a set of Death Dealer Gauntlets which are BIS & provide an additional 10% max hit.
    Slight of Hand Perk - Reduces Research Table & Perk Lectern tax bag costs by 10%.
    2 x Limited Key Tokens.
    1 x Limited Key Token.
    5 x Store Mystery Boxes.



    Overgrown Badger

    As The Easter Bunny hides away for another year, a new beast needs dealing with!

    The Falador castle has been overtaken by a massive Badger! Take it down and gain some great loot that it once took from those it killed!


    Possible Rare Loot:

    Clue Loot banker perk - Automatically banks loot from opening Clue Scrolls (UIM cannot redeem this)
    Baby Overgrown Badger - Feed it a $5 Bond and get a Challenge Scroll once per day! (Untradeable) - Also the first ever pet with particles!
    Log Box - Allows the storage of Logs & has a 50% chance to automatically store the log itself. Can only hold magic & hellfire logs.
    Bowl of Honey - Activates Beast Mode for yourself, has a cool down of 8 hours. (Untradeable)
    Offhand - Spring Fishing Rod - Randomly generates extra loot during PVM!




    • Challenge Reward Packages will now roll common loot 5 times, rather than 3.
    • Added Challengers Turmoil to Challenge Reward Package loots.
    • Added Overkill Stability to Challenge Reward Package loots.
    • Fixed Dread Queen Challenge Scroll task.
    • Fixed $50 bond Challenge Scroll task.
    • Fixed an issue with Challenge Scroll not showing task.
    • Reduced the cost of a Challenge Scroll from the Raid store to 100M points.
    • Untradeable $10 credits can now be used to purchase the Battle Pass.
    • Untradeable $10 credits can now be used to purchase Perks.
    • Cleaned up the Vax Shield code.
    • Completed a custom set order.
    • Shades can now be added to Titles.
    • Fixed AOE Relic not working as intended.
    • Hellfire Logs are no longer stackable.
    • You can no longer obtain the skilling pet from AFK Rock.
    • Fixed a bug causing players to obtain multiple aggressive visage's.
    • Spooky Sickle no longer shows twice in the FOP chest.
    • Reduced Potion of Love's cooldown to 2 hours.
    • Lucky Rock can now be added to the Pocket Pouch.
    • Frostbite Blitz can now be added to the Pocket Pouch.
    • Cosmetic Override Kits can now be sold at the Tax Bag Store.


    Your client should be on Update #186!! - Redownload from website is a must this update, sorry.

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