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    Update #187

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    Connor    78

    Update #187

    I've focused this update very much on quality of life changes based on feedback from various new & old players.

    New Player Experience Changes


    It's no secret that we are one of the most unique custom servers, however the impact of this means some new players find it difficult to progress, so we've made some of the follow changes to ease that process;

    Research Table recipies have been changed for various items, such as the removal/reduction of tax bag cost for lower tiers.
    Reduced the KC requirement on some low tier recipies. 
    The new player referal system now rewards more Tax Bags & also provides 30 minutes unlimited prayer scroll.
    The YouTube guide link will now open straight away to avoid it being missed which happens often due to players not completing the Island.
    Introduced a chat reminder to check out ::st & upgrading Cultist as players are missing this.
    Salvage Bag cost has been reduced to 2 vote points.
    Cleared up some useless chat messages for new players



    Afk Rock Exchange (Stock Update)


    Some rewards has been added & some removed, check it out!




    • SSJ Goku now drops the World Boss Totem 3.
    • All Rare Raid rewards store value has been significantly increased.
    • 30 minute prayer scrolls has been added to the Vote Point Store.
    • Added shading to Moderator yells.
    • Opening the donation perk tree will now displays if your weekly donation perk is active or not.
    • Bunch of Roses not longer work at ::sb due to them being abused.
    • Easter Scratch Cards are no longer obtainable.
    • Supreme Berserker Aura has been added back to the Black SDK machine.
    • Updated an incorrect Trivia answer.
    • The amount of XP the Afk Rock gives has been nerfed.
    • Mental Case Zappers now salvage for Epic Salvage.
    • Off-hand Spring Fishing Rod drop rate has been made more generous!
    • Increased Rates event has ended.


    Your client should be on Update #187

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