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    Update #189

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    Connor    78

    Update #189

    Battle Pass Season 5!



    With this Battle Pass Season we have made some background changes to make the system much easier to progress through each season going forward.

    Mythic Rank users now skip the first 5 tasks after the first AFK Rock is mined!


    New Seasonal Boss

    Ready to take down the Evil Staff Team?

    Take down Connor & his minions for some juicy loot!

    Connors Rare Drops:

    Connor's Special Key (broken)
    Offhand Summer Fishing Rod
    Warm Bonds

    Minions Rare Drops:

    Weed Box
    Rare Sunflowers
    Tax Bags

    AOE does not work at this zone to encourage you to take on the boss or minions separately.


    Connor's Special Chest BFqjRkG.png

    A brand new chest has arrived! 



    What's inside?

    HP Madness (10K HP for 1 hour a day),
    Salvage Pro Perk (10% of salvaged items are saved),
    Contestant Perk (Doubles Trivia Reward Points),
    Portable Tax Store (Open the tax bag store anywhere),
    Connor's Ground Aura (+1% Luck, +4k Stats, +5% Drop Rate, +10% Smuggler Reputation),
    Connor's Aura Expansion (Grants the 4th & final aura pouch slot),
    Fierce Tiger Aura,
    Deaths Kiss Perk,
    Warcry Perk,
    Aussie Cape,
    Smuggled Egg,
    Travel Insurance,
    2M Tax Bags

    How do you obtain a key?

    The new Seasonal Boss can drop a broken version at quite a rare rate.
    You can purchase a fixed version from the store.

    All rewards within this chest retain the SDK sale value, but salvage for Epic Tier.



    • Scoreboard has been added for Connor's Special Chest replacing Recycled Coins.
    • You can no longer claim a Challenge Scroll from the Beaver if you already have one banked.
    • Fixed a bug preventing players advancing through the T2 Cultist task on Newb Helper.
    • Moderators now have access to the ::alert command.
    • Administrators now have access to viewing players POS's via name.
    • Fixed a bug with Salvage causing players to disconnect. 
    • Readded the "Your item crumbles" message within the Salvage system.
    • Fixed an NPC spawn causing errors.
    • Limited Key Tokens can now be salvaged into SDK salvage.
    • Death Dealer Gauntlets recipe has been changed to remove the extra pair of Stronghold Gauntlets required.
    • A bunch of items have been removed from SDK machines and redistributed. 
    • Clue Massacre perk now works with Clue Solver perk.
    • Mythical Cannonball is now in the SDK Salvage store.
    • Sleep Paralysis (perk) is now in the SDK Salvage store.
    • Dig Deep is now in the Raids Points store.
    • Infected Hands are now obtainable from the Damaged Chest.
    • Fortunate H'ween Mask is now obtainable from the Damaged Chest.


    Your client should be on Update #189

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