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    Update #52

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    Connor    78

    Update #52


    Halloween Event:

    As per the poll on discord; players have voted to have the event start early.

    Hween boss:

    Headless Horseman is a level 666 boss who has overtaken Draynor Manor, your job is to take him down to restore order! Up to 20 people will obtain loot per kill!

    This boss is located at ::home through the portal!


    Maxhit: 500
    Area of Effect: Sometimes
    Weakness: Doesn't have one
    Hitpoints: 66,666,666
    Respawn: 15 Seconds

    Hweens (Rarest drops at 1/2000 chance)
    Pumpkin Bulwark (25% chance to heal you, instead of dying)
    Jack lantern
    Reaper hood
    Horseman Gloves
    Horseman Boots


    Pumpkin Picking:

    This is an afk activity, similar to ancient farming at the skilling village. 

    You can pick pumpkins located around the home area. You will gain a whole load of pumpkins which can then be used to exchange for the following rewards;

    Blood Skeleton Outfit (Recolour white with red)
    Blood Scythe,
    Ancient Scythe,
    Poison Scythe,
    Spooky Bond (Gives between $1-10 to your total donated)

    The shop can be opened by clicking on an unnoted pumpkin and it will ask you to exchange pumpkins for the rewards.

    You will get a mix of noted & unnoted pumpkins, however Deluxe donators+ will always get noted pumpkins.

    Limited edition Black H'ween

    Grab it on the donation store, after H'ween it will be discontinued forever! All Black H'ween purchases will also receive 2 Seasonal donation keys.


    • Well double exp cost has increased.
    • Limey bow is now a 2H weapon.
    • Hiscores have been fixed.
    • You can now use cosmetic overrides on scythe type weapons.
    • You can now use cosmetic overrides on flowers.
    • Fixed some bottoms not being able to be used as cosmetic overrides.
    • Fixed deagles not being able to be used as cosmetic overrides.
    • You can now use cosmetic overrides on verac's brassard.
    • You can now use cosmetic overrides on the grain cape.
    • You can now use cosmetic overrides on cavalier's.

    Please reload your client.

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