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    Update #61

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    Connor    65

    Update #61


    Cyber Monday Sales:

    Sales will end soon, take advantage now!

    Crazy Snowman:

    Christmas season is here! 

    You can fight the Crazy Snowman by teleporting to it via the mass teleports, or type ::snowman

    I won't be offering any information on the boss, so just go there and have some fun!


    HP: 25,000,000
    Max Hit: 500

    Unique Rewards:

    RS3 Black Santa Hat (1/2000)

    Death Shard
    Frosty Staff (AOE),
    Ice Sword (Extra ice damage),
    Xmas Pudding Wand,
    Snowman Head (100% drop rate bonus),
    Santa Hat,
    Santa Costume Top,
    Santa Costume Legs,
    Santa Costume Boots,
    Santa Costume Gloves,
    Festive Aura (200% drop rate bonus) - Reduces to 50% after New Years Eve





    Plenty of other regular loot can be obtained!


    December Box:

    Wow! We've hit the end of our seasonal boxes for this year. That's flown by!


    5 x Store boxes,
    20 x OP keys,
    2 x $50 bonds,

    Frosty Scythe (Best melee weapon ingame for AOE damage, not for base damage),
    Candy Cane (Hits incredibly fast),
    Bad Santa Hat (Hybrid + 100% droprate + 1/10 chance damage proc(Stacks with the other 2 items for more damage),
    Bad Santa Body (Hybrid + 100% droprate + 1/10 chance damage proc(Stacks with the other 2 items for more damage),
    Bad Santa Legs (Hybrid + 100% droprate + 1/10 chance damage proc(Stacks with the other 2 items for more damage),
    Bad Santa Cloak (Highest drop rate bonus for a cape ingame),
    Santa's gift perk (Randomly obtain loot boxes, tax bags and red keys from Santa, whilst pvming)


    • Custom donator sets have been completed.
    • Scroll of fotune will now roll a chance every kill.
    • Blood skeleton shirt will now work as a cosmetic override.
    • Irish coin now gives the correct monthly box.
    • Fixed a bug allowing Baton upgrade without Hellfire swords.
    • You can no longer go into negative slayer points by upgrading the Baton.
    • $25 bonds model will no longer change when stacked in your bank.
    • All bosses will now show on the monster kill tracker.
    • Golden minigun, Frost Minigun, Hellfire Necklace & Rainbow Bow will no longer announce when obtained via the upgrader.
    • Trivia has had a bunch of new, relevant questions added.
    • Double drops scroll is now stackable.
    • Scroll of Praise is now stackable.
    • KBD now respawns after 5 seconds.
    • Moved a bunch of shops to the main shops area.
    • Gems in the crafting store are now noted.
    • Added dragon leather to crafting store.
    • Pokemon gauntlet has been buffed.
    • Implying jars are now noted in the Hunter store.

    Please reload your client.

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