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    Update #92

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    Connor    78

    Update #92


    This has been a suggestion for a while, but I have finally dedicated the time to complete it.

    You can now visit the scoreboard at home and see the following highscores;

    Total Clue Scrolls completed.
    Total Raids completed.
    Total Boss Kills.
    Total Recycled Coins obtained.
    Total AFK Tokens gained.
    Total Hard Slayer Tasks completed.
    Highest wave reached during the Island.

    These scoreboards will show both online & offline players.


    Some new titles are now obtainable!

    Clue Solver - Unlocked after completing 1,000 Clue Scrolls.
    Wood Boi - Unlocked after killing Solak 25 times.
    Investor - Unlocked after achieving $500 (Spent).
    Capitalist - Unlocked after achieving $1,500 (Spent).
    King - Sacrifice a set of Reborn armour.
    no xp waste - Achieve 40B total experience.
    Raid Master - Kill 100 of each Raid boss.


    • Tortoise pet & token now have a black shell inventory icon.
    • Connor's Bling (u) sale value has been reduced.
    • Fixed an issue causing Frosty Partyhat HP effect to not work correctly.
    • Limpwurt root has been added to the Herblore store.
    • ::fatboy quick teleport has been added.
    • Moderators now have the ability to hide all players pets during events/masses.
    • Support can no longer spawn rare bosses.
    • Added a reset title option to the titles interface.
    • Added an example text of how your title will display once applied.
    • A strikethrough will now appear on titles you do not have unlocked.
    • Solak pet should no longer agro players.

    Please reload your client.

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