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    Update #96

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    Connor    78

    Update #96

    This update is smaller because of the ongoing work for the Casino.

    • ::Gamble has been moved to the new Sand Casino. Please be aware that this is non-functional atm as it is yet to be completed.
    • Added Most Skilling Tasks Completed to the ingame scoreboards.
    • You can now purchase a task reset scroll from the Skilling Task store.
    • You can now purchase an Extra Mythical Scraps scroll from the Skilling Task Store.
    • Increased the tokens gained from various Skilling Tasks.
    • Fixed a bug causing some users to get 0 Oak Logs as a skilling task.
    • If your inventory if full when completing a skilling task, it will now bank your tokens.
    • Fixed a typo with the new crafting skilling task.
    • 4 potato seeds now display the correct stack ID.
    • Fixed seasonal donation machine pathing issue.
    • Fixed a safespot at Rogue Penguin.
    • Charmeleon T5 upgrade requirements now display correctly.
    • Fixed Evil Baby poison damage aginst those with protection.
    • Hulk pet will no longer attack players.
    • Corrected the requirements tab for Pikachu T6->T7 upgrade.
    • Trivia questions will no longer appear with different shades.
    • Corrected Aggression Totem (u) examine.
    • Fixed a bug causing potion timers to disappear when entering a multi zone.
    • Fixed Reborn Warrior drop table.

    Please reload your client.

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