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    Update #100

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    Connor    78

    Update #100

    100 Updates! WOW! To celebrate, we are giving away 100M/$100 on Discord. Check out #Giveaways to enter!

    QOL Update:

    It's been very much needed to iron out some bugs and highly requested changes, so here they are...

    (Please bare in mind, some of these updates took a lot of time, this isn't a smaller update by any stretch)


    • Player Owned Shops will now display a Suggested Price for some items, this is +- 20% of their price guide value. This can be seen by customers who value the item and owners when they value the item in their own shop.
    • Player perk & familiar damage now counts towards the players total damage. So this will now allow extra raid points etc.
    • Armadyl Totem is no longer obtainable from PVP.
    • The rogue Mental Case at ::spz has been removed.
    • You can no longer access the pets interface in the Island minigame.
    • Fixed Bal'lak's collection log not working.
    • Due to issues the bank maximum capacity is now 352 per tab.
    • Guaranteed Rare Loot Psycho Box now works correctly.
    • A small spawn of Crex has been added to ::dz2.
    • 2 extra Crex spawns have been added to the normal zone.
    • Extra Blood Warriors have been added to ::vz.
    • Cleaned up the starter task interface.
    • Starter task #2 has been changed to ::setpin to increase account security.
    • A bunch of achievements now reward Tax Bags, instead of Ecto-Tokens.
    • Fixed a bug allowing some players to achieve unlimited aggression.
    • Dragon Slayer Destroyer can now be used with overrides.
    • Leprechauns pet announcement text now appears correctly

    Please reload your client.

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