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    Update #103

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    Connor    78

    Update #103

    High Tier Amulets:

    3 new amulets have been added to the game. These are the strongest stat amulets ingame, with the exception of the Mythical Chain, which has been buffed in this update.

    Champions Amulet:

    Obtained from: Guild Champion.
    Effects: 25% Droprate Bonus.
    Chance: 1/400.


    Reborn Chain:

    Obtained from: Reborn King.
    Effects: 10% Droprate Bonus.
    Chance: 1/1,000.


    Royal Sigil:

    Obtained from: Research Table.
    Effects: Automatic Loot Collection, 35% Droprate Bonus.





    • There is now a 1/100 chance to obtain a Box of Recycled Coins whilst recycling items with a value > 200.
    • Dragonfire Ward inventory model now appears correctly.
    • Duck Gang can now be used with cosmetic overrides.
    • Brown pvm casket loot will now be added to your bank, instead of your inventory.
    • You can no longer nothing from brown pvm caskets.
    • Mystery Box mobs are ::dz4 have been replaced with Medium Stacks.
    • Clue Scroll rewards now show on the interface correctly.
    • Solak now drops Seasonal Donation Key (part 1).
    • Goku (event) now drops Seasonal Donation Key (part 2).
    • Sea Troll Queen now drops Seasonal Donation Key (part 3).
    • Mythical Chain stats have been buffed & droprate bonus increased to 50%.
    • Quest Cape value has been reduced to 100,000 Loyalty Points.
    • T7 Guardian Cloak upgrade cost has been reduced to 1M Tax Bags.

    Please reload your client.

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